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Top 10 most popular drugs on IsraelPharm’s website

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Introducing our “Top Ten Performers” of the past twelve months. These are the most popular drugs that have been ordered again and again by our customers.Israel-Pharmacy-Top-10


Enovid anti-viral nasal spray COVID-19 is still high on the list of public concern and interest in 2023. For this reason we have written more about developments in COVID-19 than any other single subject over the past year. We wrote earlier articles, including those dealing with the spread, like To predict trends in COVID-19 infection rates, the devil is in the detail, and about ways to avoid infection, like Doctors are still worried about COVID-19: learn what you can do to protect yourself. In the end, most of the conclusions we reached come down to two basic suggestions:
  • Vaccines work. This is especially relevant for vulnerable population groups, such as people over the age of 65 or who have compromised immune systems. Still, it applies to everyone else as well. As the CDC website says, “COVID-19 vaccines are safe, effective, and free. Everyone aged six months and older should get an updated COVID-19 vaccine.” 
  • There are ways to minimize the chance of getting infected. One of the easiest is Enovid, which creates a physical barrier against infection from air-borne viruses and delivers a measured dose of nitric oxide nasal spray (NONS), designed to kill the respiratory viruses that cause COVID-19 in the nasal cavity.

Eliquis or Xarelto

Eliquis 5mg Xarelto (generic name rivaroxaban) and Eliquis (generic name apixaban) are both forms of novel anticoagulants needed by the millions of people who are at risk of blood clots forming inside blood vessels and then traveling to vital organs, mainly the heart, lungs, and brain, where they can cause severe and sometimes fatal consequences. They are both only available as branded versions, without generic equivalents. They also offer greater benefits than many other anticoagulants such as warfarin and dabigatran because their mechanism of action prevents clots from forming in the first place by inhibiting the action of Factor X, a biochemical molecule produced in the liver in a process that produces thrombin – the substance that actually causes blood clotting.  Any choice between Xarelto and Eliquis is one that the prescribing physician will make based on the specific condition of each patient. 

Price comparison:

Drug Dose US Retail price IsraelPharm price
Eliquis 2.5mg x 56 tablets 5mg x 56 tablets $535 $570 $113 $113
Xarelto 10mg x 10 tablets 15mg x 28 tablets 20mg x 28 tablets $225 $515 $515 $26 $76 $76


Vagifem vaginal tablets Thanks to continuous feedback to our site from visitors, we know that menopause, in all its aspects, is one of their primary concerns. This is not just looking for treatments for the problems that come with the transition into menopause but also for ways to improve and sustain a satisfactory sex life, keep healthy, and stay active. The strongest response we get from buyers of all our non-prescription products is the rating for Vagifem, given a five-star review in hundreds of postings. Add to that the fact that in Israel, Vagifem doesn’t require a doctor’s prescription, so we can supply it directly (while still advising that you should discuss using it with a doctor first.)  
Drug Dose US Retail price IsraelPharm price
Vagifem 10mcg x 24 suppositories $550 $64


Ozempic_pen Ozempic is one of the two adult diabetes medications that has taken the world by storm since its release in 2017 (the other is Mounjaro, but that one only came onto the market much later and hasn’t yet reached the level of demand that Ozempic’s lead gave it.) The phenomenal demand for Ozempic comes from two very different population groups. On one side, the original target market of type 2 diabetics continues to grow but at a more measured rate, as more and more people learn about the excellent control that Ozempic gives over blood sugar levels.  On the other side, the level of demand from people who have learned about the excellent results that can be gained from Ozempic and Mounjaro as weight-loss treatments has swamped original market forecasts, so production facilities are still battling, more than two years after the accelerated demand started, to catch up. Even with our excellent controls of the supply chain, as of this writing, we are still only able to supply a single unit (that provides a full month’s dosage) of Ozempic. Hopefully, that will ease shortly.  
Drug Dose US Retail price IsraelPharm price
Ozempic 1 x prefilled pen $950 $550


Tens of millions of people in America suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). One of the hardest things about both is reaching a satisfactory diagnosis since the symptoms can indicate several other conditions requiring different treatments. Throw into this mix the fact that, for now, one of the most widely recommended treatments for IBS and GERD cannot be obtained from a US pharmacy. However, it is approved in other leading countries, including the UK, all over Europe, Australia, and, of course, here in Israel. Thanks to this, as long as your doctor thinks that Motilium is suitable for your condition and will write a prescription for it, we can supply it.


In parallel with the development of Ozempic and Munjaro, which treat type 2 diabetes with a type of drug known as GLP-1 receptor agonists, Jardiance (generic name empagliflozin) was developed to also treat T2D, based on a different format known as sodium-glucose cotransporter-2 (SGLT2) inhibitors or “flozins”. These reduce renal tubular glucose reabsorption, reducing blood glucose without stimulating insulin release. Other benefits may include favorable effects on blood pressure and weight. For patients with T2D, a prescribing doctor will evaluate a wide range of specific factors when choosing between Ozempic, Mounjaro, or Jardiance. Each of these streams has advantages and disadvantages based on the overall condition of the person for whom they are being prescribed.  
Drug Dose US Retail price IsraelPharm price
Jardiance 10mg x 30 tablets 25mg x 30 tablets $580 $580 $86 $86


Worldwide Shipping Vortioxetine is the most commonly prescribed medication for psychiatric conditions, namely acute depression and anxiety. In 2021, an estimated 21 million adults reported at least one major depressive episode, equivalent to 8.3% of all U.S. adults. Additionally, it’s reported that almost one-third of all adults experience some symptoms of anxiety or depression. It is especially prevalent in mature males and is closely associated with erectile dysfunction. Vortioxetine is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) that helps restore the serotonin balance in the brain. Low serotonin levels can cause depression, anxiety, mania, and other mental health conditions.  
Drug Dose US Retail price IsraelPharm price
Vortioxetine 5mg x 28 tablets 10mg x 28 tablets 20mg x 28 tablets $410 $410 $410 $47 $83 $137


Myrbetriq (generic name mirabegron) is an FDA-approved prescription medicine used to treat the condition known as overactive bladder (OAB) in adults. People suffering from bladder control may experience symptoms of urgency, frequency, and leakage in passing urine. Myrbetriq helps relax the muscle surrounding the bladder and increases its ability to store urine. This means fewer trips to the bathroom and less likelihood of leakage.  
Drug Dose US Retail price IsraelPharm price
Myrbetriq 25mg x 30 tablets 50mg x 30 tablets $395 $395 $101 $79

Prolia, Xgeva

Prolia and Xgeva are both forms of the generic drug denosumab, which is a human monoclonal antibody. Prolia reduces the risks of bone fractures in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis, osteoporosis in men treated for prostate cancer with resulting androgen deprivation, bone loss due to long-term systemic glucocorticoid therapy, and bone loss in women that have been treated for breast cancer resulting in estrogen depletion. Xgeva is used to prevent fractures, spinal cord compressions, or the need for radiation or surgery to the bone in patients with multiple myeloma or with metastases from solid and giant cell tumors of the bone in adults and adolescents. It is used mainly for patients who cannot be treated by surgery.  
Drug Dose US Retail price IsraelPharm price
Prolia 60mg x 1 vial $2,400 $480
Xgeva 120ml/1.7mg x 1 vial $6,430 $687

And now, see what you can save on the most popular drugs on IsraelPharm.

We know that one of the main reasons people come to our website looking to buy their meds is our well-earned reputation as a source of quality drugs at reasonable prices. The table below shows exactly what’s popular on IsraelPharm and why it pays for you to shop for prescription medications from us – very likely, it’s the 50% plus savings compared to retail pharmacy prices in the US.  
Drug Dose US Retail price IsraelPharm price


2.5mg x 56 tablets 5mg x 56 tablets $535 $570 $113 $113


10mg x 10 tablets 15mg x 28 tablets 20mg x 28 tablets $225 $515 $515 $26 $76 $76


10mcg x 24 suppositories $550 $64


1 x prefilled pen $950 $550


10mg x 30 tablets 25mg x 30 tablets $580 $580 $86 $86


5mg x 28 tablets 10mg x 28 tablets 20mg x 28 tablets $410 $410 $410 $47 $83 $137


25mg x 30 tablets 50mg x 30 tablets $395 $395 $101 $79


60mg x 1 vial $2,400 $480


120ml/1.7mg x 1 vial $6,430 $687
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