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Do I need a prescription to buy prescription drugs online from IsraelPharm?

Yes. By law, a valid prescription is required. Without a legal prescription from a licensed physician, we cannot send your order. The prescription must be faxed toll-free 1-866-544-8993 or emailed
to us in its original form with no changes.

We offer telemedicine solutions for specific conditions, please visit for more information.

How much does shipping cost?

We provide free delivery on orders over $99.00 to every country except Australia. 

If your order is less than $99.00, shipping is $30.00.

In Australia, all orders have a $40 shipping fee regardless of the total order value.

How safe are the drugs from Israel?

The Israel Ministry of Health uses the most stringent regulations for the quality control of all name-brand and generic drugs through the strict enforcement of the internationally recognized Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines.
All medications are certified by the Israeli Ministry of Health, and most are certified by the FDA as well.

Why do some of the Israeli drugs look different than in the US?
Very often the same medication is packed differently in other countries, and sometimes the same drug is called by a different name. For example, in the U.S. a medication might come as a round, red tablet; in Canada it could be an elongated white tablet; and in Israel, the same medicine may be a blue and white capsule. Also, the packaging might be different than its U.S. equivalent. All packages contain a patient leaflet printed in English and Hebrew. All medications in Israel are labeled in Hebrew, Arabic, English, and Russian. To summarize, the drug you order may have a different:
  • Brand name (eg. Fosamax is called Fosalan in Israel)
  • Packaging (blister pack, box, bottle, etc.)
  • Form (tablet, capsule, caplet, round, oval, etc.)
  • Color
  • Name
The bottom line is: The medicine itself is identical and of the highest quality.
Can I trust


Everything we sell has met the very strict controls that apply to pharmaceuticals in Israel. Here at IsraelPharm, both for our direct retail operation and for our online clientele, we only dispense drugs under the supervision of a registered pharmacist inside our licensed pharmacy. We require proper prescriptions from licensed physicians and only dispense in the quantities and strengths that the physician has authorized. 

All of our drugs are listed in the Israeli National Drugs Registry, and our premises are inspected regularly and thoroughly to ensure that stocks on our shelves are safely stored, in date, and permitted.

Sometimes the medication we supply comes from different countries like Turkey for example. That manufacturer is either a subsidiary of, or licensed associate of, the patent holder in the case of branded drugs, or the holder of the FDA/EU approval.

IsraelPharm is an online prescription delivery service with years of experience in the industry. Our company provides brand and generic prescription medication at prices you can afford. We offer customers the ability to buy prescription and over-the-counter medications online quickly, easily, safely, and at a cheaper price. We offer an efficient and secure online purchasing system, and our Israeli pharmacists are always there to answer your personal medical questions. Buy medication online with us, and we even remind you when it’s time for you to refill your prescription.

IsraelPharm is a legitimate company that insists on prescriptions. A pharmacist verifies and approves every order before dispensing.

When you buy medication online, it’s usually for convenience and to save money. Our logistics company features comparisons with GoodRX prices so you can see how much you save. More and more people are looking for alternatives for their prescription medicine due to the soaring prices in the US. COVID has introduced the need for contactless delivery and online services for patients. IsraelPharm saves patients time and keeps them healthy with the online prescription process.

IsraelPharm promotes, an organization dedicated to “promoting and protecting American consumer access to safe, affordable prescription drugs.” They aim to raise awareness of this issue. You can join them too.


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