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Israel's secure online pharmacy saves you time and money

Israelpharm, a licensed drugstore near Jerusalem, offers huge savings on brand name and generic prescription drugs. On average, you will receive your secure online order via express mail in fewer than 10 days!
Our Online Pharmacy is dedicated to providing you with a simple & legitimate alternative to save you money on prescription medication bills.

Approved by the
Israeli Ministry of Health

Top ten reasons to buy drugs online via IsraelPharm:

  • 1. Easy and secure online ordering
  • 2. Approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health
  • 3. Brand medications you know and trust
  • 4. 10 day trackable delivery to your door
  • 5. Only FDA-approved medications
  • 6. No Indian or other sub-quality medications
  • 7. Competitive prices - save up to 70%
  • 8. Superb customer service
  • 9. Your purchase helps Israel's economy
  • 10. Pharmacist oversight on every order
  • Ampyra Ampyra 10mg | 56 Tabs $1,000 Save $896
  • Asacol Asacol 400mg | 100 Tabs $68 Save $0
  • Reclast Reclast 5mg / 100cc | 1 Vial $772 Save $226
  • Afinitor Afinitor 5mg | 30 Tabs $6,000 Save $491
  • Atrovent Hfa Atrovent Hfa 20mcg/200ds | 1 Inh $18 Save $16
  • Cialis Cialis 20mg | 4 Tabs $82 Save $22
  • Cymbalta Cymbalta 60mg | 28 Caps $79 Save $46
  • Crestor Crestor 10mg | 28 Tabs $50 Save $27
  • Androgel Androgel 1% | 30 Sach $130 Save $221
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Receive personal and immediate responses to your medicinal questions from our Israeli pharmacists.

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Saul Kaye B.Pharm

Saul is our managing pharmacist. He qualified in Australia and has been practicing pharmacy for more than 15 years.

Stuart Forman

Stu is our sales team leader. Stu makes sure that your prescription is in order and is the voice you will hear on the other side of the phone.

Yoni Sudwerts

Yoni is our IT manager. Yoni manages the whole order process and makes sure that your order is processed in less than 48 hours.

We live in Massachusetts and have been dealing with Stu for a long time. He has always been helpful and responds to our inquires promptly. The service is perfect and packages always arrive in a timely fashion.

S. Josel - Great Barrington

We have been delighted with the service we have received, but even more important is the availability of the drug that cannot be obtained in the U.S.

Phil N. - San Antonio, TX

I would like to thank you for the effective, consistent help you gave me for my orders. The attention to detail, knowledge, and assistance you have shown I will never forget. You are extremely professional and can be counted on to always do the right thing, the right way. Israel is lucky to have you.

Frania K.B. - DC metro area

Israelpharm is the online pharmacy with a competitive and professional edge, the result of years of experience in the industry. Our online pharmacy provides brand and generic prescription medication at prices you can afford. Buy medication online quickly, easily, safely and at a cheaper price. We offer an efficient and secure online purchasing system and our Israeli pharmacists are always there to answer your personal medical questions. Buy medication online with us and we even remind you when it's time to order a refill.

Israelpharm is a legitimate online pharmacy that insists on prescriptions. A pharmacist verifies and approves every order before dispensing.

When you buy medication online it’s usually for convenience and to save money. Our online pharmacy features comparisons with GoodRX prices so you can see how much you save by buying medication online with us. More and more people are looking to import personal quantities of prescription medication due to the soaring prices in the US.

Israelpharm promotes, an organization dedicated to "promoting and protecting American consumer access to safe, affordable prescription drugs". They aim to raise awareness of this issue. You can join them too.
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