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We are IsraelPharm, a family-run business based in Beit Shemesh, Israel. We are a big-hearted, customer-focused group of professionals who truly care about the health and well-being of those that we serve. Nice to meet you.

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We’re a fully licensed, online prescription service with 15-plus years of experience in this industry. To date, we have served nearly 50,000 customers and shipped over 100,000 orders worldwide. Safety, integrity, and outstanding customer service are what drive us.

We value your privacy and health care concerns. We take extra safety measures to safeguard your products, discretion, and customer data. We take our responsibility to our customers seriously. 

Israel is well known for reduced prescription drug prices as the Israeli Government caps the maximum price for prescriptions. While Israel is our home base, we work with a global network of pharmacies to provide you with brand and generic medications at prices that you can trust and afford.

Our Mission
To provide our customers with the highest quality, affordable prescription drugs. 

Our Commitment
The most expensive prescription prices in the world are in the United States. IsraelPharm has sourced prescription medications from Israel and other countries that meet the ethical standards of production but cap medication prices. Thus allowing you to save money on your prescription medications by buying medications online. We require a valid prescription and we are committed to holding the highest ethical standards while delivering the best service and prices.

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Why is IsraelPharm so cheap?
Israel caps the price of prescription medication and we pass the savings on to you.

Personal drug imports are generally permitted but not technically legal.

Since 2000, millions of Americans with inadequate or no drug coverage, as well as those seeking critical medications that are not available domestically, have purchased medication from foreign pharmacies, mostly using online pharmacies. This process is known as personal drug importation. The U.S. government generally does not stop individuals from importing medication for their own use (usually up to a three-month supply of non-controlled drugs), however, under most circumstances, it is technically illegal. According to the FDA, no one has ever been prosecuted for personal drug importation (importing small quantities of medication for personal use).

While the law allows the FDA and the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol to detain and refuse international prescription orders arriving through the mail, less than one percent are actually stopped. In these cases, under U.S. law, you will be informed by the FDA that your drug order has been detained or refused and that you are allowed to challenge their decision to take away your medication to try and have it released.  The U.S FDA regulates the safety and efficacy of medications sold in U.S. pharmacies. Medications dispensed from outside the U.S. are regulated for safety and efficacy by pharmaceutical/pharmacy regulatory authorities in other countries.

Does IsraelPharm require prescriptions?

Yes, in most cases we require a prescription, there are some OTC medications that do not require a prescription in Israel eg. Voltaren Emulgel, Vagifem and Dicloplast.

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IsraelPharm has been delivering lost cost prescriptions from Israel for over 15 years worldwide. Daily flights allow us to get your medications dispatched fast! Delivery to the USA is under 10 days and you can track and trace every order.


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