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The Personal Drug Importation Fairness Act – 2013

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Personal Drug Importation Fairness Act of 2013
Personal Drug Importation Fairness Act of 2013

How the “Personal Drug Importation Fairness Act” of 2013 will help you!

This legislation was submitted to the House of Representatives at the end of 2013 – it officially allows individuals access to cheaper drugs online.

The bill proposes to officially allow personal importation of medication to the USA from countries that are on considered to have comparable safety standards to that of the USA. Countries of import include EU countries, Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and South Africa.

This bill is an important step forward for Americans who are forced to pay incredibly high costs for prescription medications. Applying this law nationwide would eventually help to force down the cost of prescription medications purchased in the USA. If more and more people personally import their medications then the Affordable Care Act would be forced to lower the price of medication purchased on US soil so it is more competitive. The state of Maine has already passed a similar law in October 2013, helping thousands of their constituents to feel comfortable about buying online and saving money on their prescription medications. This new Personal Drug Importation Fairness Act has been sponsored by the influential congressmen Keith Ellison (Minnesota), Jan Schakowsky (Illinois) and Dana Rohrabacher (California). If it is passed then consider the floodgates opened and don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing for the American people!

Obamacare may have helped many previously uncovered Americans get healthcare insurance but has not done anything for the cost of prescription medication for the average American. This new legislation would allow millions of Americans access to medications that they have been previously able to afford. Many Americans are forced to pay $1000’s a month for long term medications that they NEED in order to treat ongoing illness. Just the stress of working out how to pay for these medications can have a detrimental effect on their health, from an increase in stress related illness to failure to act on the Doctor’s prescription advice. If you are advised to take a medication that will cost you $1000/month, and you are already struggling financially, it’s possible that you may disregard the prescription altogether. The result can be an even more costly affair, as your condition worsens you may need even more medication later on or even hospitalization, both of which will cost the state and your insurance more money. Isn’t it better to just lower the cost of prescription medication available in the US or officially allow for importation of personal medications?

Does this mean that Americans will be able to import any drug they want legally? There are stipulations to this legislation; it’s not a free for all.

For starters, the drugs imported must contain the same active ingredient and be of the same strength as the American equivalent. The administration technique must be the same as well, so an American branded capsule cannot be traded for a foreign vial. Most importantly, the medications must be dispensed by a licensed pharmacist and you can only import up to a 3 month supply.

The FDA does not allow the importation of drugs that are not FDA approved however, even without this drug importation fairness act; they already exercise discretion when it comes to personal importation from licensed pharmacies, like Israel, some EU countries and Canada.

Israelpharm is an online pharmacy that sells medication approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health. All drugs sold on our site follow the Israeli Ministry of health standards and are dispensed by a licensed pharmacist upon receipt of a valid and in date prescription.

You can see the “Personal Drug Importation Fairness Act of 2013” legislation proposal here, we are waiting patiently to see what happens. You can join us by subscribing to the Israelpharm blog, where we’ll update you with any legislation news.

3 Responses

  1. This is good news but I have also read that Big Pharma is trying to kill this legislation. I hope that they fail.

  2. Who gives a hoot and holler about what our “illustrious” Federal Government want to do. It’s my money that I’m spending, not theirs, so I’ll keep doing this however possible. The Fed steals more money from its citizens, than the cost of individual perscriptions that are requested.
    I, for one, will tell them to stick it where the sun don’t shine, and because I try to find a way to use my dollars where it counts the most, is none of their business.

  3. This legislation never moved an inch because Big Pharma used its millions and army of lobbyists to kill this legislation. Unless and until Americans begin to speak up in force, things won’t change. Again – this is NOT a law yet.

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