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Why Buy Medication Online from Israel?

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Online shopping has become a genuine lifesaver these days. It allows us to buy things that were previously inaccessible, including medications. The inflated prices of medications in the US, compared to other countries, often force many Americans to go without the treatments they genuinely need.

Fortunately, buying your medication online from an online pharmacy can resolve this issue. We can offer significantly lower prices, sometimes up to 80% cheaper, thanks to the lower drug costs here in Israel than in other countries. This kind of saving can truly change lives for the better.

Of course, it’s natural to have some reservations about purchasing something as critical as medication online. After all, it’s quite different from buying a pair of shoes. Indeed, there are rogue pharmacies on the internet that sell counterfeit or fake medications without requiring a prescription.

However, keep this from deterring you. Let us identify some of the reasons why you, with proper knowledge and awareness, can identify what distinguishes a trusted and licensed online pharmacy from the others.

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What to look out for when finding a trustworthy online pharmacy

  • Make sure it’s licensed and regulated with the oversight of licensed pharmacists
  • Ensure that they request a prescription. Pharmacies that don’t require a prescription are not concerned about your health and this could potentially be harmful
  • Check that the online pharmacy provides an address and telephone number. Pharmacies that are willing to be contacted are less likely to be counterfeit
  • Check that the website is secure (the web address must start with the prefix https//).

Top reasons to buy your medications online from IsraelPharm

1. With our website, enjoy easy and secure online ordering. All you need to do is search for the drug you are looking for and provide us with your original prescription. If you have any questions about your order at any time, we are here to help.

2. The Israeli Health Ministry approves all the medications we sell. There are extremely stringent regulations and enforcement of the Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). All branded and generic medications are regulated and certified, and most are certified by the FDA, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) or the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) as well.

online pharmacist

3. Get the medications you trust and are familiar with. Rest assured that you’ll receive original, high-quality medication.

4. Enjoy fast and trackable delivery right to your doorstep. We expedite all orders using EMS and provide online tracking. You can expect USPS to deliver your package within approximately ten business days from the shipping date.

5. Your confidentiality is guaranteed. We treat all the information you provide as strictly confidential. At, we comply with the Protection of Privacy Law 1981, ensuring that your data remains secure and private. We believe in transparency and make it easy for you to contact us via email, phone or fax.

6. Take advantage of our competitive prices and save up to 80%. Imagine the amount of money you can save! Feel free to check out our price comparison table for yourself. Israel regulates medication prices, so by purchasing from our Israeli pharmacy, you can benefit from affordable, price-controlled medication.

7. Count on our excellent customer service whenever you need assistance or have questions about your medication’s usage or potential side effects.

8. When you make a purchase, it contributes to the growth of Israel’s economy. Israel is renowned as the “start-up nation” and is known for its numerous technological advancements and breakthroughs in the medical field. By supporting Israel’s economy, you are indirectly endorsing its progress in medicine and technology.

Moreover, we prioritize the safety of our customers by having licensed pharmacists who undergo regular assessments to maintain the highest standards. As a result, every order placed on our website is carefully overseen by a qualified pharmacist. Their role is to ensure that you receive the appropriate medication with the correct dosage.

Therefore, a qualified pharmacist oversees every single order that comes through our website. They ensure that you are receiving the right medication and the correct dosage.


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Table of Contents

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