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USA vs Canada vs Israel drug prices

canada drug pricesCanada might congratulate themselves on fair and low-cost drug prices but Israel goes further to help their citizens. Check out what happens when you compare Canada vs Israel drug prices. If you think Canada is cheaper than USA then you’ll be shocked at just how much cheaper you can obtain your prescription medications in Israel. […]

The Epipen Scandal

epipen prices onlineIt’s been all over the news and so it should be! Epipen prices in the US are beyond ridiculous. At you can buy a 2 pack of branded Epipens for only $176, compared to in the US where they can cost upwards of $600. We are not joking! It is the same Epipen product […]

New pharmacist & customer service rep!

online pharmacistWe have a new customer service representative called Linda and she has some insights to share with you all! First up, Linda is a pharmacist. She was born in Pittsburgh, she attended Temple U. School of Pharmacy and did graduate work at NovaSoutheastern. Linda have been a practicing pharmacist for 38 years and in the past […]

Filling Your Prescription Online

drug prices  We are online pharmacists and we are aware of the concerns that many people face when ordering prescription medication online, especially if it’s from abroad and for the first time. Here’s a pharmacist’s perspective on filling your prescription online.   Filling your prescription online is a confusing landscape to navigate and one that bridges […]

Online pharmacy testimonials

A few months ago we decided to update our online pharmacy testimonials page so we sent out a testimonial request in our June monthly newsletter. We always get thank you emails and receive praise over our customer service efforts, but we wanted to hear something a little more personal for our customers… to hear a […]

Local vs. Online Pharmaceuticals

Random medicines and computer mouseThe internet is always a convenient, cheaper alternative to buying consumer products. In recent years, there has been a massive ecommerce boom trumpeting hundreds of website alternatives for any product imaginable that can sell it better than your average convenience store. The downside? With more availability also comes more danger, fraudulence and insecurity.  Especially in […]

Are your meds still covered by insurance?

meds dropped by insuranceDid you know that in 2014 insurance companies across the US dropped more than 50 prescriptions medications from the list of covered drugs? Were your meds on the list? This was instated by Express Scripts and Caremark, companies that deals with many drug benefits for insurance companies. The reason they did this? There may be […]

What’s the deal with personal importation?

mail order drugsYou are not allowed to import medications for personal use. It’s illegal. But if you do it and have a prescription for it then the FDA are likely to ignore it and its OK.”>Xanax) Slightly confusing isn’t it?! so what exactly is the deal with personal importation? There’s a fine line than can be […]

Top Prescription Meds in the US

Jacksonville Seniors ExpoIn Jacksonville we gave visiting seniors the opportunity to see how much money they could save if they bought their meds online from abroad instead of locally. When we handed out direct comparisons people were quite shocked at the price difference…


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