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Online pharmacy testimonials

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A few months ago we decided to update our online pharmacy testimonials page so we sent out a testimonial request in our June monthly newsletter. We always get thank you emails and receive praise over our customer service efforts, but we wanted to hear something a little more personal for our customers… to hear a little more about themselves and their experiences when buying prescription medication online with us.
Wow, is all we can say, thank you all so much for your kind words, it’s incredible to think that we help so many people get the medication they need at respectable prices. Taking the jump to buying medication online can be nerve wracking for first time online buyers, it’s one thing to buy electronics or kids toys online, it’s another thing to buy prescription medication. Reading people’s testimonials and site reviews shows confidence in the site, the service and the products. There are so many articles out there that tear down online pharma sites and almost always describe them as rogue sites who sell bad quality drugs. It’s just not true. All our customers know it and now it’s time to instill that confidence in others.
Here are some of our favorite IsraelPharm online pharmacy testimonials, you can see why they mean so much to us:

“I would like to add my voice to the others who are singing the praises of Israelpharm. I have asthma. Any health insurance that I can afford only covers generic drugs. Currently there is NO MEDICATION for asthma that is available in generic form in the US. Every single controller inhaler is $200 per month. Israelpharm allows me to get my medication for 1/4 the amount I would pay here. Thank you for your service!” Judi

“On a recent trip to Israel, I discovered that the medicine I take for migraines was approx $9/pill in Israel vs the $50/pill I pay here in the US. I did some quick research and found IsraelPharm online and once I sent them my prescription from my doctor I order my pills online at a mere fraction of what they cost me if I were to go to my local pharmacy. IsraelPharm is efficient and easy to use – my medicine arrives in a bit over 1 week. I have saved over $1,000 in the short while I have been using IsraelPharm. I am a very very satisfied customer. Thank you IsraelPharm.” Susan

Take a look at our online pharmacy testimonials page and see what other customers have to say about ordering prescription medication online and working with

There’s a general theme that runs through them all…… good quality meds, big savings compared to US prices and excellent customer service.

Table of Contents

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