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Filling Your Prescription Online

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prescription meds online


We are online pharmacists and we are aware of the concerns that many people face when ordering prescription medication online, especially if it’s from abroad and for the first time. Here’s a pharmacist’s perspective on filling your prescription online.


Filling your prescription online is a confusing landscape to navigate and one that bridges a gap in the law. We wrote a great guide to ordering prescription medication online that answers many questions about making sure you get good medication from reputable online pharmacies like… so when you have time… take a look.


One of the most important things to stress is that you need to make sure you order medication online from a real pharmacy, one that has a managing pharmacist and sells real drugs, not cheap third world generics. If you are in a situation that means you need to take regular prescription medication, it’s imperative that you get good pharmacist support and trust that your medications are top standard.


So you are thinking about buying your prescriptions online for the first time. You’re asking yourself, “Will I get the right medication? Is it safe and who fills my prescription? And how much will I save?” … after all most people head to online pharmacies to save money. In the US prescription medication prices are hugely elevated and the sad fact is, you save a fortune by buying prescription medication online from abroad. It also saves you time as there’s no queuing up to fill the prescription only to realize that it’s out of stock or there’s an error on your refill.


We all have experienced the same scenario at local retail pharmacies. Sometimes from opposite sides of the counter. You arrive at the prescription drop off window and wait patiently in line for your turn. The technician takes your prescription from you and tells you to come back in two hours. You wait patiently for your prescription to be filled and return to the pick-up window to be told that your medication is out of stock, there is a drug interaction or allergy problem with your prescription and the pharmacist needs to contact the doctor or the medication is on back order. Sometimes you return to the pharmacy the next day and another problem has developed requiring 3 or more trips to the pharmacy. When your medication is finally ready the pharmacist is often so overworked or distracted that he or she does not really have the time to give you the information you need to have to take your medication correctly. So you leave the pharmacy frustrated. I want to tell you that the pharmacist serving you is just as frustrated as you are.


Sound familiar?!


So, what is internet, cyber or e-pharmacy? Can filling your prescriptions online really save you money and improve the quality of care you receive? We are here to tell you emphatically yes it can, in both ways. Consumer studies tell us that you can save at least 25-50% on the price of your prescriptions and as the pharmacist filling your prescriptions I can tell you that sometimes the savings is more substantial and filled with the same drug you would receive at your local pharmacy. (On you can often save up to 70% as the drug prices in Israel are regulated by the Ministry of Health deliberately so that everyone can afford the medication they need). You also receive excellent customer care from regulated pharmacist who often take more time to council you that you would get locally from an over worked, stressed out retail pharmacist.


All you need is a mouse, a credit card and telephone to complete the transaction. Online pharmacies are actually very similar to the local pharmacies you visit and are governed by many of the same laws. The drugs available at online pharmacies like are produced by well-known manufacturers such as Pfizer, Wyeth, Roche and huge generic drug makers like Teva Pharmaceutical Industries of Israel.


US customs estimates over 10,000,000 US citizens bring medications across land borders every year. Independent research published by the National Bureau of Economic Research demonstrates that online pharmacies, US and foreign, verified by certain credentialing entities sell genuine medication and require a prescription. In that study, all tested prescription drug orders were found to be authentic when ordered from online pharmacies.**


Here’s what Leah, one of our pharmacists and customer care experts, has to say.

Speaking as a pharmacist filling these prescriptions, I can tell you that you can expect your prescription filled accurately and efficiently with a top quality drug that will arrive at your home in approximately 10 days. And you have a pharmacist waiting to answer your questions in the privacy of your own home at the touch of your phone dial. Personally, I love the luxury of having uninterrupted time to counsel my patients with no distractions and have gotten to know many of my patients quite well and enjoy serving their needs. My patients receive my full attention. I can follow up on patient compliance with a timely refill reminder before their next prescription is due to be filled. And my patients can reach me with any questions or concerns promptly from the convenience of their own homes. As customer Laurie Cohen states, “My prescription for Celebrex in the states was prohibitively expensive but the pharmacists at, were wonderful to work with.


Filling your prescription online can be an efficient, cost savings, convenient way to fill your next prescription.


** – “In Whom We Trust” The Role of Certification Agencies in Online Markets.”Bate,Roger,, Ginger Zhe Jin and Amarna Mathur. National Bureau of Economic Research NBER Working Paper no. 17955. Issued March 2012

Table of Contents

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