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Top Prescription Meds in the US

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Jacksonville Seniors Expo
Saul & Stu at the Israelpharm booth
We’ve been busy this week presenting at the Jacksonville Senior Expo in Florida and we’ve been having a great time! One thing to come out of the trip was a liberating recognition of the good work we do here at Israelpharm online pharmacyWe genuinely help people save money on crucial medications. Seniors at our booth have been telling us what prescription meds they take and how much they pay for them. Most of them are covered by insurance plans but the copay is still too high. Many seniors admitted to us they are stuck in a catch 22 situation and feel quite helpless. They need their medication but paying for it is an unbearable burden and many forgo other necessitates to pay for their medicine …. or they even stop taking the medication. One of our existing customers wrote to recently us about this; “There is an RX I quit taking because of cost…….I quit taking it, and it has severely, significantly impacted my life to be without it.” The sad truth is, some people feel that there is simply no choice. In Jacksonville we gave visiting seniors the opportunity to see how much money they could save if they bought their meds online from abroad instead of locally. When we handed out direct comparisons people were quite shocked at the price difference. After shock, came relief.  An alternative way of buying medications gave them an alternative price; one that would allow them to eat better and live a better life. Money not spent on meds means more money to spend on food and electricity …. or the grand-kids. Those forgoing the medications because they simply could not afford the price, went away contemplating our lower prices and the possibility of being able to restart treatment. One senior who approached us said they are paying $69 copay on Crestor (a popular prescription medication for high cholesterol). We charge $50. When you think of the high costs of prescription medication you immediately think of the uninsured. The uninsured are four times less likely than their insured counterparts to file their prescriptions but don’t be fooled, even with copay you are likely to be paying a higher price than if you were to buy online. A recent study shows that a third of adult Americans take some kind of prescription meds and up to 10% reply on prescription strength pain killers. It’s no secret that US citizens pay among the highest rate for prescriptions in the world. It just so happens that in Israel it’s the opposite. This is how IsraelPharm has the ability to offer such great prices on branded prescription medications. The top 5 US prescriptions written include medications for cardiovascular health, high cholesterol, antidepressants, analgesics and acid reflux. Combined, these prescription meds make up almost 60% of the overall prescriptions written. It’s no surprise that these categories are the most popular on Israelpharm 🙂 If you would like to know how much you can save on your current meds, feel free to email us. Please include the medication name, strength, quantity and how much you currently pay.
Table of Contents

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