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Newsweek Asks Why the FDA is Refusing to Allow Use of Nasal Sprays as a Barrier Against COVID-19

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In an article published on Newsweek’s website on September 11th, they raise some of the same points about the value of Sanotize’s Enovid NONS nasal spray (also known as VirX) in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic that we have been writing about here for many months.

The proven value of Enovid isn’t the only reason for the growing pressure on the FDA for some new thinking on how to expand the basket of preventative measures against the rampant delta variant that’s claiming thousands of new victims every day. The problem is becoming a major reason for the dramatic fall in the approval rating of the Biden administration. As Newsweek says, “with his job approval rating plunging and the Delta variant of Covid19 still raging, President Biden this evening laid out new directives…to try to get the virus under control.” But everything the government is doing is focused on vaccines. For unknown reasons, they seem to be avoiding approving a supplementary preventative measure that has been proven to work in keeping infections at bay – nasal sprays.

Enovid Kills 99.99% of viruses in 2 minutes
Enovid is available over the counter. Used daily it reduces the likelihood of being infected by a virus.

When you read the Newsweek article, you can sense some frustration. Why are the Federal Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control putting up unnecessary barriers? There’s a body of evidence on the effectiveness of nasal sprays in keeping the virus out of the body before it can infect the lungs. Companies like SaNOtize have proven products that are already helping thousands of people to stay healthy every day.

A Quick Look at How Enovid Works

Enovid was developed by the joint Israel-Canada biotech company SaNOtize that was established by scientists experienced in drug development and especially in research in Nitric Oxide (NO).

Some features of nitric oxide form the basis of the particular way that Enovid works. Its co-inventor, Dr. Gilly Regev, calls Enovid “a hand sanitizer equivalent for the nose.” It creates a chemical barrier of nitric oxide, which is known for its antiviral and antimicrobial qualities, inside the nasal cavities. It also forms a physical barrier in the nasal passages to stop viruses and microbes from finding a surface to penetrate. The nitric oxide means this is a special spray that doesn’t just block viruses but actually kills them. It has been proven to start working within a couple of minutes after administration and go on for up to 72 hours, reducing the viral load inside your nose before the virus can find its way down into the lungs.

What has been the FDA and CDC response?

As the Newsweek article says, the responses so far have been strictly bureaucratic “by the rules” answers to the request for them to issue the same Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for nasal sprays as they gave to the vaccinations back at the beginning of the pandemic. In fact, until just this month, the vaccines being used, like Pfizer and Moderna, were not approved by the FDA – their use was only permitted because they had an EUA. Without full approval or an EUA, drug companies can’t make any claims about antiviral effects in advertising and marketing.

Both the FDA and the CDC have refused to issue the EUA permission on the grounds that the research done by the company so far in independent studies on Enovid’s effectiveness was only in terms of how it treats the symptoms, and not in terms of viral load reduction. But SaNOtize’s research, published in a peer-reviewed journal, showed that in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase 2 trial that evaluated confirmed cases of COVID-19, early treatment with Enovid significantly reduced the level of SARS-CoV-2, including in patients with high viral loads. The average viral load in the first 24 hours declined by about 95%. Within 72 hours, the load dropped by more than 99%.

Is Enovid being Marketed as an Alternative to Vaccination?

Used in conjunction with vaccines, Enovid can be part of your COVID defense strategy

We can say without any fear of contradiction that every time we recommend the use of Enovid, it is a supplement to add more protection for people who have been properly vaccinated, never as an alternative to vaccination. As we have always said, vaccination is the safest and most effective way to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Enovid is a fully tested, safe and effective barrier against COVID-19 that you can carry around in your pocket, and use whenever you are exposed to extra risks of infection, like elevators, shopping malls, entertainment centers, restaurants – anywhere that there are people nearby who’s level of immunization you don’t know. Enovid allows you to get back to a more normal life, without the constant fear that someone near you will infect you with their virus. It also may help reduce COVID-19 symptoms. 

Do you Have to Wait for the FDA to Approve Enovid?

No! Enovid is available over-the-counter without a doctor’s prescription, and can only be sold by a pharmacy. The demand for Enovid has been outstripping the initial capacity of the producers, but now output is building up, and we offer delivery within a few days. Because we have been leading in the promotion of Enovid all over the world, we have terrific supply-lines ready to meet the expected demand once the FDA approves the spray, but in the meantime, don’t wait. 

Read more about Enovid

Enovid kills 99.99% of viruses

8 Responses

  1. Your crazy if you think the FDA or the CDC will allow anything that works to interfere with the vaccine money making operation. Pfizer made over 90 billion last qtr.. Thank you Dr Regev for this product. I was lucky enough to get 3 bottles of this spray already.

    1. Is Enovid safe to use no matter what other medications I am on?
      Also… If I already have covid 19 but don’t know it yet .. would I still test positive if I have used Enovid.. if the virus had already spread past the nasal passages?

      1. Enovid is safe to use with other medications. We cannot say whether you would test positive. Best to ask your doctor. Stay healthy.

  2. I could not access this article on Google but did get it on DuckDuckGo. My husband, a close friend of mine, and I have been using Enovid for several months now. My friend especially has been exposed to people with Covid in closed quarters and yet remains unaffected. All three of us have been vaccinated and boosted. My friend and I are helping a political candidate so this has been most helpful since we MUST spend time among large groups of people. Thank you, Enovid. I tell people about it by many instead stupidly prefer to wear masks!

  3. We used Enovid whilst traveling for three weeks in Mexico and were fine — never got sick once. Had CVD once in 2021 and got through it just fine. We have not received any CVD19 shots.

  4. The Newsweek article you refer to is about Xlear, not Enovid. They are two different products with different active ingredients. Are you being intentionally misleading here? If so, why?

    1. Shalom,
      The Newsweek article does talk about Xlear. Enovid is manufactured by Sanotize which is also mentioned in the article. Here is a quote from the article. “Sanotize, a Vancouver, Canada-based biotech firm, began phase three trials across several countries of its spray to gauge its effectiveness against Delta”

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