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Killing COVID-19 with NO

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Of all the remarkable products that the Israeli “Start-up Nation” has developed to help fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has devastated the world, there is surely nothing to match the achievement of the joint Israel-Canada biotech company called SaNOtize.

There is a surprisingly familiar ring to the chemistry that forms the basis of what SaNOtize has developed to treat a wide range of previously difficult or untreatable medical problems. The NO in the company’s name and the title of this article stands for Nitric Oxide, a very special chemical structure designed by their scientists, built out of the two most abundant molecules in the atmosphere, nitrogen and oxygen.

Within a few months at most, you can expect to see products from SaNOtize that will provide a way to administer a highly effective dose of nasal spray that both prevents infection by inhaled droplet carrying the virus, and acts to prevent the release of virions from already infected host cells, in the same way as neuraminidase inhibitors.

About SaNOtize’s scientists and their scientific breakthrough

SaNOtize was established as a joint Israeli-Canadian biotechnology startup by Dr. Gilly Regev and Dr. Chris Miller. Gilly Regev is an experienced biotech executive with hands-on experience in drug development and in research and development in biochemistry, analytic chemistry and microbiology with 12 years work in the field of nitric oxide. Dr. Miller is a pioneer in nitric oxide technology and therapeutic research with 20 years of expertise in clinical trials.

Dr. Gilly Regev is an experienced biotech executive with hands-on experience in drug development and in research and development in biochemistry, analytic chemistry and microbiology with 12 years work in the field of nitric oxide.

Even before the global pandemic became a primary focus for their drug research and development, they were conducting highly advanced research into the potential of NO to act as a unique treatment for bacterial and viral infections.

With their knowledge of how NO can work its power on viruses in general, the company began to investigate the efficacy of its nitric oxide nasal spray (NONS), in the form of their proprietary spray NORS, in preventing and treating virus infections.

NORS spray blocks entry and halts viral replication within the nasal cavity. This has the important effect of rapidly reducing viral load which is significant because that has been linked to infectivity. It can prevent or shorten the course of the disease, reduce damage, and lower the severity of infection.

Trials and tests of Enovid also known as VirX

Already, SaNOtize has completed a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial that evaluated 79 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with a more than 95% reduction in infection in 24 hours, and by more than 99% within 72 hours. The majority of these patients had been infected with the UK variant.

The company has also completed a Health Canada approved multi-center, randomized, controlled, phase II safety and efficacy study for the prevention of COVID-19 in healthcare workers and individuals at risk of infection. Nobody from the treated group was infected and strong safety data was shown.

So far, the company has confirmed that NORSTM is >99.9% effective against different types of coronaviruses (including SARS-CoV-2) in tests conducted by the independent Institute for Antiviral Research at Utah State University. The company has also received a go-ahead to conduct a clinical trial in the US.

What makes Enovid special?

NORS acts as an upper airway “disinfectant”, with demonstrated effectiveness in eradicating different types of viruses, including influenza and H1N1. In multiple tests and clinical trials, SaNOtize is working diligently to establish its efficacy for preventing and treating COVID-19 infections.

How do I get hold of Enovid?

The Health Ministry in Israel has given interim approval for the sale of the product to people over 12 years of age. SaNOtize has started a production line and expects to have produced up to half a million bottles there. The company is also registered to begin sales in New Zealand.

NORS will soon be made widely and readily available to the public. We will bring you more news of where and when NORS can be bought through IsraelPharm. Please visit our website regularly for updates.

Enovid Kills 99.99% of viruses in 2 minutes


Table of Contents

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