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How Does IsraelPharm Save You Money on Your Prescriptions?

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President Joe Biden early in August this year urged Congress to take steps to lower the cost of prescription drugs in the United States, saying that “for years, the price of many prescription drugs has dramatically outpaced inflation. These prices have put the squeeze on too many families and stripped them of their dignity.”

Here at IsraelPharm we proudly say that we are doing more than just talking about doing something for you about this serious problem in the future. Right now, we can offer our customers real savings on most of the drugs that are being prescribed by your healthcare providers.

Looking at the most frequently prescribed medications, our analysis shows that on the majority of the “top 40”, IsraelPharm will save you an average of 70% compared with the price at your local pharmacy.

Prescription drug prices in the United States are an average of 2.56 times higher on average than those seen in the OECD group of advanced economies, according to a recent report by the Rand Corporation that was commissioned by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

The price gap for brand name drugs was even bigger – 3.44 times higher, according to that report. 

In this table, we have picked out a small sample from the list of most frequently prescribed drugs, and it shows you just how much purchasing them from IsraelPharm can save you.

Compare these prescription prices:

IsraelPharm averages 70% lower prices compared to other providers

You will see that the price difference isn’t just a few dollars – it can amount to hundreds of dollars each month and thousands every year. And these are mostly essential medications that affect your quality of life. Unfortunately, some people are forced to make life-changing choices because of the unaffordability of their prescribed medication, but here at IsraelPharm, we believe that we can take this burden off of your shoulders. The right medication at the best possible price is what we promise, and what we deliver.

What’s the secret up our sleeve?

Are you wondering how IsraelPharm manages to achieve such savings on your behalf? The answer is that the pharmaceutical industry here has been focusing on producing generic drugs for more than half a century. The reality is that when you are buying branded drugs from the BigPharma giants, you are paying mostly for a fancy name rather than for a special drug. Generic drugs are exactly the same as their branded sources, produced, packaged and sold with exactly the same level of quality control, supervision and regulations.  

From feedback from our customers, we confidently tell you that you could start saving between 50% and 70% on your regular medicine bills on these and the wide range of other medications we sell. So if you or someone you know needs any of these medications, place your order here.

If you have any questions, call our Customer Support center at 1-866-780-9529 or post the questions on our Contact Us page.

And as always, don’t hesitate to consult with your doctor if you have any medical worries or concerns. Go for checkups if you take medication regularly or suffer from a chronic illness in order to make sure the dosages are still good and the medication does what it is supposed to do.

What are your guarantees when buying from IsraelPharm?

We are committed to the health and wellbeing of our customers. All drugs that we provide are sourced from large, reputable international pharmaceutical manufacturers and we check and double-check that the product conforms to the FDA standard.

As well, we have developed a unique door-to-door delivery program so that the product you receive is always the one we dispatched with nothing missing and nothing changed.

And your best guarantee is to see how satisfied our thousands of existing loyal customers are, coming back to us time after time because we always deliver what we promised – the right drugs at the best possible price!


Is online shopping for pharmaceuticals safe?

Online shopping for drugs can be a life-saver, literally. In the US particularly, medication prices are growing faster than almost every other consumable, and it’s sadly getting to the point where some people may be forced to forgo some drugs that they really need.

Sourcing your medication online from IsraelPharm can help you solve this problem. Due to lower drug prices here, and our special expertise in sourcing and shipping at the lowest possible cost, the prices we offer can be as much as 70% cheaper than branded drugs sold by drug stores in the US. This is a huge saving and has been a life-changer for so many of our loyal customers.

Are IsraelPharm’s drugs as good as what I get back home?

Don’t let the fear that a product as essential as your medication is too important to entrust to a provider based overseas. Israel conforms to the very highest standards of quality, purity and regulation. In many ways we have led the world in providing both innovative new medications and in producing and sourcing generic drugs of the highest possible quality.

As well, our operation is under the direct supervision of qualified pharmacists who are fully aware of the regulations and protocols that apply to selling medications in the US. This means you can use our services with the same degree of confidence that you have in your neighborhood druggist. We will not sell any controlled medication without a valid and current prescription from a US-registered healthcare provider.

Can my information on IsraelPharm be hacked?

Our website is protected by the highest level of interest security, which means that your information is totally private, and your financial transactions are handled according to the latest standards with full end-to-end encryption.

As a sign of our commitment to the highest possible standards of customer protection, IsraelPharm is able to display on our website the symbols of the PharmacyChecker Verification Program, along with our A+ rating from Better Business Bureau.

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Table of Contents

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