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Three Ways to Save Money On Medicare In 2021

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Save Medicare Dollars: Order Medication Online

Medicare recipients can save money on their prescription medications when they order online in 2021. While millions of American seniors are on Medicare, the program’s vastness makes it hard to understand all the details of coverage and benefits. At IsraelPharm, Medicare recipients appreciate that our prices are on average 70% lower than American pharmacies. Our customer support team works with customers to help avoid the Medicare doughnut hole and we pass additional savings on to customers with these 3 money-saving practices.

1. Avoid the 10% Late Fee

Your enrollment window spans seven months from three months before your 65th birthday until three months after your 65th birthday. If you don’t enroll on time, you’ll pay a 10% surcharge on your Part B premiums. There are additional penalties for not signing up for a Part D drug plan too, so it’s important not to delay signing up.

2. Use the Free Care

As a Medicare enrollee, you are eligible for various services including annual well check-ups, alcohol counseling, depression screenings, mammograms, diabetes testing, and get help quitting smoking. Investigate what’s available to you and take advantage of these services, they can dramatically improve your health and quality of life and prevent future health issues – ultimately saving you more money.

3. Online Medical Services

Even before the pandemic, Medicare provides recipients online access to their healthcare professionals. These online visits often cost less than an office visit and you don’t have to leave the house.

2021 Medicare Costs

The government annually adjusts medical costs, affecting recipients’ deductibles and premiums. Although President-elect Biden’s Medicare plan is dramatically different, drug prices are expected to continue rising in 2021, and with higher costs, it is important to carefully budget for your monthly healthcare expenses. The government’s changes add up and make a difference to the annual medical costs of those on a fixed income.

Your coverage choice will affect how much you pay in premiums, deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays. Your income is another important factor that determines how much you pay. Those with limited income may qualify for Medicaid or a similar program. Those with higher incomes will pay more for coverage.

Remember, the government uses two years of tax return to calculate your premiums. If you have a life-changing event that affects your income such as retirement, then you may request a reduction.

For a full list of Medicare costs in 2021, please check out this website. This site is also a good resource for understanding premiums in 2021.

Click here to read our article on What you Need to Know Before Starting Medicare

Medicare might not be perfect, but it pays to understand your coverage and available benefits.

How do you apply for Medicare?

Visit your local Social Security office, apply online at or call or mail Social Security. For more info, please see the various resources on the Medicare website.


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