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Motilium – Treatment for People with IBS and GERD

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Gerd and IBSMillions of Americans suffer from symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Both conditions are frequently misdiagnosed or wrongly diagnosed with proper diagnosis sometimes taking years. Meanwhile, patients try treatment after treatment and suffer while looking for relief from their symptoms. What causes the symptoms and suffering and how can one specific medication called Motilium give patients relief?

IBS is one of those stomach conditions that feel like it’s impossible to treat. If you suffer from IBS you know exactly what we mean! IBS affects each person individually and symptoms and causes are varied and often hard to diagnose. Some people experience loose stool, bouts of diarrhea, and frequent nausea. Others experience the exact opposite and spend most of the time constipated with trapped wind and stomach cramps. Many people report going from the doctor to the dietitian to work out a better eating plan to reduce discomfort but sometimes that’s not enough and medication is needed.

GERD, otherwise known as gastroesophageal reflux disease, is a common stomach complaint that affects millions of people. GERD is another name for persistent heartburn caused by excess stomach acid that rises up to the esophagus, causing fullness, bloating, irritation and heartburn. These symptoms return repeatedly regardless of natural and over the counter remedies.

Motilium can help

If you suffer from IBS or GERD then Motilium may be able to help. The active ingredient in Motilium is domperidone which blocks the dopamine receptors in the upper digestive system, leading o increased contractions of the stomach and bowel. (klonopin online) By increasing contractions, Motilium helps food move more easily through the stomach and can also relieve nausea and vomiting associated with impaired digestion.  Motilium is also an anti-emetic drug that acts as a prokinetic (speeds up the digestive process) agent to prevent nausea.

The key to Motilium is how it reacts with the brain chemical dopamine. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter chemical that plays important roles in our body controlling our brain’s reward and pleasure center. It regulates emotional response and movement around the body, impacting everything from feelings of love and motivation to digestive health.

Did you know that your brain controls your stomach? Dopamine controls how your brain sends messages to the rest of your body. When it comes to digestive health, your brain sends a message to your stomach allowing your body to process food. Typically, dopamine reduces gastrointestinal motility and protects the lining of the intestines, aiding the comfortable digestion of food. However, in people with IBS and GERD the function is either not sufficient or overactive and causes discomfort. Motilium (generically known as Domperidone) is a dopamine antagonist that blocks the dopamine receptors and controls messaging and reaction.

Is Motilium available in the US? 

Motilium is used worldwide however it’s not FDA approved and therefore not available for purchase in the US.  Motilium is approved in many other countries. In Israel, for example, Motilium is part of the national health basket and available to patients in need. If you live in the USA you can buy Motilium online with a prescription. It’s always advisable to consult with your doctor before starting treatment to rule out any other gastro diseases and consult about dosage. You should not take more than 4 tablets daily – one tablet three times a day and one at night. After 2 weeks you should take a break and consult with your doctor about progress and when it’s possible to start a new round of treatment.

Other uses for Motilium: 

Motilium can also be used to help reduce nausea caused by taking other prescription medications. Motilium can be used to treat nausea caused by cancer radiation treatment. Motilium can also be used to aid the production of breast milk in lactating women, although it’s important to recognize that the FDA has not approved it for this purpose.


Table of Contents

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