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Compare Online Pharmacies: How much do you save?

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When you compare online pharmacy prices, how much do you really save on IsraelPharm? We compared our 10 bestselling medications against the competition to see. We took it one step further and polled a selection of our customers to see how much they actually saved on medications they buying from IsraelPharm. And the results were astonishing.

US Drug Prices Continue Rising

Unfortunately, drug prices in the US have continued to rise throughout Republican and Democratic presidencies. In the meantime, prices are skyrocketing and too many people can’t afford to buy their medications – both vital and non-vital ones. High costs deter many patients from regularly taking their prescription medication.

Drug company profits is a hot topic and many attribute the inflated prices to their push for profits. There seems to end in sight to the rising prices which pushes more people to compare prices online for their medications. Prescription drug prices in the United States are an average of 2.56 times higher than those seen in 32 other nations, according to a recent report. The price gap was even bigger for brand name drugs — 3.44 times higher — researchers said. However, generic drug prices in the U.S. were 84% of the average paid in other nations. Yet only 2.3 million Americans utilize online accredited licensed pharmacies to get their medicine. Why are so few Americans taking advantage of international and online pharmacies to save on their meds? If they only knew how much they could save, we’re sure they’d pay attention.

Take the EpiPen for example. Ten years ago, 2 EpiPens cost $100, today those 2 pens cost nearly $600. This isn’t a product with new R&D; what’s the reason for the price hike if it’s not simply to increase the profit margin? At IsraelPharm we sell 2 EpiPens for $193.

Compare online prices to save more

Many Americans are searching online for affordable prescription options. Last week internet giant Amazon announced their new online pharmacy. When Amazone makes an announcement like that people pay attention.

In research conducted by the AARP, Amazon’s new venture is not as economical and convenient as its other offerings. In fact, when compared with other online pharmacies, Amazon did not come out cheaper and there are other considerable barriers to getting your meds from them. Read the AARP piece here

We turned to Pharmacy Checker as well for their Amazon Pharmacy review. You can see the video here.

IsraelPharm’s online pharmacy has proven to be a valuable solution for many who want to save hundreds of dollars on medication.

Look at the chart below to see the price comparisons between local US pharmacies and IsraelPharm for the equivalent medication/dosage.

Compare these prescription prices


US price (from IsraelPharm price (2020) TOTAL SAVINGS
Brand Cialis 20 mg $75 per pill $23 per pill $52 per pill
Eliquis 5 mg $500 $163 $337
Xifaxan 200 mg $600 $20 $580
Vagifem $185 $55 $130
Brand Viagra 100 mg $67 per pill $10.50 per pill

$56.50 per pill

Notice that the price difference isn’t just a few dollars – it is a significant amount especially taken on an annual basis. Some of these medications save lives and most improve overall health, lifestyle, and quality of life. Prescription medications are important for both physical and mental health, and we believe it should be available to everyone at a fair price.

When polled, most IsraelPharm customers said they save hundreds of dollars every month ordering online.

IsraelPharm is able to keep medication prices so much lower than those in the US because prices in Israel are controlled by government regulation. We pass those savings on to our customers.

If you’ve ordered online from IsraelPharm, we’d want to hear from you about how much have you save buying from us. Comment below.

Compare prices for your prescription medications on IsraelPharm, type the name of your medication into the search bar and compare us to any provider. 

Table of Contents

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