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Made in Israel- Top Medical Innovations Straight from the Holy Land

Israel is at the forefront of technology and in recent years has become a leader in global innovation and creativity. Often referred to as the start-up nation, you wouldn’t believe how many medical and technical advances have come out of Israel. We’re going to talk about 15 medical advances, but there are hundreds more in […]

Weird conditions

weird conditions

An opinion piece by Sara Flack The human body fascinates me. There is no end to the weird and wonderful things that go on inside. I just can’t get my head around it most of the time! Even just the act of eating and digesting food is pretty much a miracle in my eyes. Even […]

Funny Pharmacist Jokes

Just a few funnies that you may know and some you may not – tell us what you think …

Hair Loss Myths

Many believe that virility and baldness must logically go hand in hand. To test their theory, authors of a study that tied baldness to virility lined up roughly 3000 test subjects to see how their hair patterns related to their virility.


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