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Made in Israel- Top Medical Innovations Straight from the Holy Land

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Israel is at the forefront of technology and in recent years has become a leader in global innovation and creativity. Often referred to as the start-up nation, you wouldn’t believe how many medical and technical advances have come out of Israel.

We’re going to talk about 15 medical advances, but there are hundreds more in both the medical and technology world (USB flash drive, instant messaging software, GetTaxi, Waze, mobile chip technology, to name but a few).

PillCam – capsule endoscopy – the PillCam enables doctors to get a clear picture of the GI tract without intrusive procedures. It visualizes diagnoses and monitors any abnormalities, all by simply swallowing a pill.

ApiFix – is a miniature ratchet implanted into a patient’s back to correct scoliosis.

IceSense3 – removes benign breast lumps in just 10 minutes by using a guided ultrasound. It can even be done in the doctor’s office with the patient leaving straight away.

DayTwo – is an app providing a personalized menu to help diabetics manage their blood sugar levels efficiently. This is for diabetics who are not dependent on insulin. Users answer questions on medical history, diet, lifestyle and physical characteristics. Users also send a stool sample and the algorithm plans a balanced menu for them.

Bone implants – doctors perform bone implants on people who are missing bone tissue since the human body is unable to restore bone segments. The technology injects tissue back into the patient’s body so that the missing fragment will be regenerated.

Artificial cornea – this piece of technology is going to start implanting artificial corneas in humans during 2018, after successful tests on animals. The 30-minute procedure will help millions of visually impaired people worldwide.

Hernia repair – surgeons will be able to treat hernias more easily and with less pain by using this new tool which affixes prosthetic material to soft tissue, and is will prove beneficial for one of the most popular surgeries.

ExAblate OR – ever heard of destroying tumors and fibroid cysts without surgery? This technology uses an ultrasound guided by MRI to destroy tumors and fibroid cysts – all non-invasive.

BioWeld1 – heals wounds almost instantly using cold plasma. Forget stitches and glue, BioWeld1 seals, heals and disinfects the wound within minutes. This means less pain, less scarring and less recovery time.

Total Lift Bed – is a hospital-grade bed which can transfer a patient from lying down to a fully upright position (and all points in between) which helps caregivers with not having to lift patients

SensPD – this is a non-invasive method that screens newborns for autism and can be carried out prenatally or only hours after birth. It is said that children can benefit from early diagnosis and intervention and increases the success rate of treatment rapidly.

Hip-Hope – rather than waiting until seniors are hospitalized with hip fractures, wouldn’t it be better to prevent it in the first place? That’s what Hip-Hope is designed to do. It is a belt with sensors to detect collision. Once it detects collision, two airbags come out to cushion the hips and immediately a message is sent by smartphone to assigned recipients. It will even have an emergency call button. A recent study showed that it reduced impact by 90%.

Raziel Therapeutics – wouldn’t it be great if we could melt fat? Well, actually, this Jerusalem-based company has invented an injection that melts fat cells and prevents new ones being formed. With obesity on the rise so much, this could be a critical treatment for millions of people.

Diagnosing sleep disorders – awake – overnight monitoring is currently the way of diagnosing sleep disorders but this new piece of technology is said to diagnose sleep disorders while the patient is fully awake in the comfort of their own home.

EarlySense – hospital nurses will now be able to monitor patients’ movement, heart rate and respiration remotely, as well as receiving reports and alerts.




Table of Contents

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