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Can Androgel Help With Low Testosterone Levels

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can androgel help low TBe the Man You Still Want To Be:

Can Androgel Help with Low Testosterone Levels?

Testosterone. YEAH, MAN. The word conjures up an image of classic male glory. That stealth, tan, shiny-skin toned, agile body builder, with both arms bent upward at the elbow, fists staunchly directed to the sky, rounded bulging biceps, sleek protrusions of triceps, grounded feet with knees slightly bent, and eyes wide with surefire goal-reached pride. This. Is. Strength. Personified.

But not all men feel this confident, and it’s not because they don’t bench press 280 lbs. It’s just that millions of men start to feel like they’re just not themselves anymore – as if their masculinity’s been dulled. When that happens, it could be they have low testosterone levels. Thankfully, there are solutions.

Here are common symptoms of low testosterone levels:

-Sports performance deteriorated
-Lack of energy
-Libido lower
-Shrunken height
-Weaker erection
-Work performance lacking
-Loss of body hair

It’s important to note that the above list only includes the more isolated, somewhat minor symptoms. On a larger scale, testosterone – the hormone whose role is mostly associated with sex and masculinity – actually affects men’s health on the whole. In fact, low testosterone (or hypogonadism), is commonly connected with big-time medical problems: Type 2 diabetes, lung disease, infertility, even osteoporosis. On a day to day basis, testosterone affects energy levels, fat distribution, muscle mass and strength, and moods. All told, stable testosterone levels are crucial to a healthy man.

All this information leads one to wonder if there are ways to increase men’s testosterone levels, or are they not controllable? Thankfully, there are drugs to get low testosterone levels back up to par. One successful drug is called Androgel (Andro meaning “masculine” and gel meaning, well, gel.) A quick internet search will show you that you can even buy Androgel online – it’s that commonly used.

How does Androgel work? Androgel testosterone is the same as the natural testosterone produced in the body. A topical gel, it’s applied to the shoulders, chest or belly areas and is absorbed dermatologically. Androgel is successful for most users in the following ways:

• No more low testosterone levels – the user’s testosterone increased to previous levels
• Libido increase
• Erectile function improved
• Satisfactory moods – no major depression or sadness
• Increased energy levels – no more fatigue
• Muscle mass measured higher
• Decrease in body fat
• Spine and hip bone density increase

(Note: Effect times differ for dosage densities – either 1% or 1.62% testosterone.)

Even though other testosterone products exist, due to Androgel’s proven success rate, most men with low testosterone levels are given a prescription for Androgel. As such, of September 2012, Androgel 1.62% was the most prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy on the market. (And if its price at the local pharmacy dissuades anyone, they can buy Androgel online at a much lower cost.) In parallel, the men who use Androgel are advised to lead healthier lifestyles to naturally increase their low testosterone levels to healthy levels. Androgel admittedly doesn’t cure the problem of low testosterone; it does, however, replenish testosterone.

Testosterone is masculinity’s very measure since it affects the classic male physical attributes. Yet men with low testosterone levels do not need to feel inadequate, and certainly can rest assured they are not alone. Whether men desire to be the epitome of “testosterone” in all its boldness, body building until their hearts desired, or they just want to be back to normal with their partners, raising testosterone levels could do just the trick. Go for a solution.

Table of Contents

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