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Seven Israeli Medical Accomplishments that Can Transform Your Life

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We live in an era where technology and medicine are becoming more and more dependent on one another. Israel is stepping up to the plate and offering the best in medical and technological innovation.  According to data from Start-Up Nation Central, there are more than 1300 life science innovation companies currently active in Israel.  These companies include digital health, medical devices, and pharmaceutical companies.

Here are some amazing Israeli medical accomplishments of the past year:

Glucose Monitoring System

DarioHealth Corp developed a pocket sized blood glucose monitoring system geared for type 2 diabetics. The system syncs with a Smart Diabetes Management smartphone application. The product allows people to take control of their sugar levels and track their key diabetes metrics. It also helps to manage people’s diabetes and record their blood glucose levels in real time. The system harnesses the power of social media and allows people to share their information with family members and caregivers. It even boasts an emergency hypo alert with GPS location in case of emergency.

Replacing injections with pills

Oramed Pharmaceuticals is a Jerusalem-based company. It has developed the technology to change injection based therapies into oral form. They are currently in advance trials to test this technology for diabetes and are expanding to other areas of medicine. So for people who hate needing insulin shots or shots of any kind help in the form of a pill could be on the horizon.

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New Cancer Treatment

IceCure Medical uses a process that freezes and destroys cancer cells. Their method provides minimally invasive, in-office treatment for tumors. The product has FDA and CE approval and is currently involved in clinical trials for lung, kidney and breast cancer.

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Pelvic Prolapse Solution

Did you know that between 30% -50% of women suffer from some form of pelvic prolapse? Until now, there has not been a safe, effective solution. There finally seems to be a solution! NeuGuide developed in Israel is a minimally invasive surgical system that provides a solution to women with pelvic prolapse.  The system was designed to replace hysterectomy or mesh surgery.  It was tested in Israel with 100% success. Sources say that it has the potential to become a 1 billion dollar medical market.

Farsightedness Treatment

Can’t find your reading glasses? Presbyopia, also known as farsightedness is common in people over the age of 40. It affects more than 1.8 billion people worldwide. Orasis pharmaceuticals is developing eye drops that improve near vision.  The product is currently in advanced clinical trials.

Organ Transplants

Collplant is an Israeli based regenerative medicine company founded in Jerusalem. It recently signed an agreement with an American corporation to begin creating 3d printed lungs. The hope is that the 3d lungs will be able to be used in lung transplants worldwide. The product has the potential to transform organ transplant.

Tech Innovation Incubator

MindUP, based in Haifa, brings together great minds, great projects and venture capital. It is a hub for digital innovation and is a cooperative venture of IBM, Pitango Venture Capital, Impact First Investments and Rambam Medical Center. This hub is the basis of a whole lot of medical technological innovation.


There are so many more accomplishments from this past year, it was hard to choose which ones to feature. Let us know if you would like to read more about Israeli medical innovation and accomplishments.


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  1. Very fascinating. I read the start up nation when it came out and it was ground breaking. My family contributed to medical research in Israel before most could find it on a map. They went to Israel in September of 1948 and were active in Weitzman Institute and Hadassah. Shirley Shulimson

  2. I love my Israel. My father, in the U.S. gave his nephew, my cousin, the very first tractor for their Moshav.

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