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Obamacare & Prescription Medication

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obamacareWhat does Obamacare indicate for prescription medication?

Recently we were told that the Obamacare web site has gone live. The president stated “Check out the website today”

Even though the White house said that “the website is working effectively for the majority of all active users.”

The official description regarding Obamacare is the Affordable Care Act ––which is supposed to allow entry to more cost-effective prescription medications and also change the American health insurance landscape.

Prescription drugs are considered one of 10 crucial benefits that insurance cover has become required to offer you. It is mandated by the US federal government, however it will not always work well. Indeed now you have required prescription drugs on insurance policy coverage – but not for all medications.

Prescription medication coverage is only for one drug in each class in the pharmacopeia (The official list of medications in the US). For example – if you are suffering from acute high blood pressure and have been prescribed Altace for it, but  all of a sudden your insurance does not cover Altace as the prescription medication of choice for you, now you will most certainly have to pay out of pocket for something that used to be covered by your insurance. There are many other ways Obamacare affects prescription medication. The sum of copayment for any medication can differ extensively between insuring companies and insurance plans. Checking if there is a special list of prescription drugs that your plan will cover would probably be a good idea, especially important if you have a pre-existing conditions and you are stable on certain medicines that you are taking.

Be warned that commonly there is a Phase requirement for some prescription medications. This means that for example if you’re taking Nexium for GERD, your insurance policies may cover you only once your health practitioner has depleted additional medicines and they have failed. This additional step may demand time and annoyance, might even prevent you from your ongoing drugs which you know are most suitable.

Physicians can try and apply for an exception for medical need so that your insurer will cover it. It has been requested that insurance companies respond to these exception requests within 3 days. ALL THE BEST!


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