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Not all pharmacies charge the same price for prescription drugs!

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moneydrugs Sometimes it feels so unfair that we have to spend a small fortune on prescription drugs every month. Times are tough and prices all around are on the rise so it’s no surprise that drug costs are going up as well but prescription medication is prescribed to you by a Dr because you need it, not because you want it. Most of the time prescription drugs are not a choice, so why do we have to dish up hundreds of dollars a month just to keep our health on track? Why should we pay more when we don’t have to? This article is about the true cost of prescription medication and how much you can end up paying if you don’t have insurance or discounts available. You’ll be dismayed to see that there is a big price difference between the pharmacies and what they charge. You’ll be shocked to see how much you can save by buying your prescription online instead! We followed a recent study done by Contact 6 which exposes the price difference across some popular US pharmacies. For this article, we’ll focus on 2 of our most popular products, Nexium and Abilify. No coincidence that these are also listed in the top 3 prescription drugs sold in the USA, when you see the price differences you’ll understand the correlation! Nexium treats GERD and heartburn by treating and managing the over-production of stomach acid. Contact 6 went to 6 different pharmacies and asked for a 30 day supply. The prices ranged from $215.50 at Carter Drug Store to a massive $347.91 at Hayat Pharmacy! Taking the average of all 6 stores, a 30 day supply would set you back $289.58 at a cost of $9.65 a pill. Abilify treats depression, schizophrenia and other mental health disorders. Again, Carter Drug Store came in the cheapest at $789.30  for a 30 day supply and Hyat Pharmacy the most expensive at $1,124.87! Two extremes you might say but even CVS came in at $978.49 for a 30 day supply, so that’s $189.19 more than Carter charged! The average spend for a 30 day supply was calculated at $957.687 with the cost per pill reaching $31.92. Now watch what happens when you introduce IsraelPharmacy online prices. A 30 day supply of Nexium 40mg at IsraelPharm costs you $67.50 with the cost per pill at only $2.25. Compared to Carter Drug Store, which has the lowest price out of all the US pharmacies, that’s an extra saving of $148! A 30 day supply of Abilify 30mg would cost you $357.86, working out as only $11.93 per pill. Carter Drug Store, the lowest priced US pharmacy for Abilify charged $789.30 so that’s a possible saving of more than $431! The difference in prices is shocking. Please help spread the word about getting your prescriptions online. You could save your friends and family lots of money that they don’t need to spend … and help support us along the way 🙂 Remember, IsraelPharm is a licensed and secure online pharmacy. To order your prescription through IsraelPharm you need to have a valid and in date prescription from your Dr otherwise we can’t release any medication to you. *prices based on branded products, not generics  

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Table of Contents

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