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Five common misbeliefs about COVID-19 and vaccines

Facts and Myths painted on road

Do people let false claims about health issues get in their way? It is quite disturbing to learn that reliable research into public attitudes toward health reveals substantial misconceptions and willingness to believe false claims about health issues as “the whole truth.” One of these research efforts was backed by the reputable organization KFF (derived […]

Understanding medication-induced hair loss

Man Worried about medicine-induced Hair Loss

With new medications arriving on the market all the time that patients may be unfamiliar with, prescription requests are often accompanied by a flurry of questions. Understandably, the prescribing doctor does not always have the time to go through all the side effects of the medications. Part of our function as dispensers is to provide […]

Medicare now approves weight-loss drugs for people with heart problems

Health And Life Insurance

There has been much attention in the media to an announcement from Medicare in mid-March 2024. In essence, it said that it has now agreed to start paying for one of the leading weight-loss drugs for people with heart problems when it is prescribed to treat overweight or obese patients if they are at risk […]

Combating GLP-1 hair loss with Phyllotex

woman worried about Hair loss , young asian female holds loss hair on a white background

Losing weight can truly feel like a victory. But along with the celebratory feeling of weight loss many people experience while using new GPL1 weight loss drugs like Ozempic – there can be another unwelcome side effect: loss of hair health. While the exact connection is still being investigated, many are looking for immediate solutions […]

Drug prices in 2024

Drug prices in 2024

Complaints about the high prices of prescribed drugs in the US are a common theme in our conversations with customers. There is a great deal of frustration around the pricing of prescription medicines, understandably so.  This post highlights three of the most common areas of concern among health consumers regarding drug prices.  Why is there […]

A Review of the Past Year’s Top Health Blog Posts


We are celebrating the start of the new Jewish year here at IsraelPharm, and it’s a perfect time to highlight some of the best articles about health we published this past year; great content deserves to be celebrated. As the lead writer here, I always intend to share the most current and useful information about […]

If it brings such great benefits, why do people stop taking Ozempic?

white dinner plate on yellow background, Red question mark in middle of plate

A natural question has arisen. “If it has such great benefits and is so popular, why do people stop taking Ozempic ?” Ozempic is considered a “wonder drug” out of all the treatments for type 2 diabetes, which has brought significant benefits to millions of people worldwide who develop type 2 diabetes, and caused shortages […]

Your guide to compounded medications

Cheerful pharmacist working in a compounding pharmacy

It’s no secret that some, even many, lines of prescribed medication supply have encountered bottlenecks and breakdowns recently. This has led to shortages at the distribution point and caused many pharmacists to disappoint their patients holding the prescriptions unless the pharmacy has facilities to dispense compounded medications.  The problem was reported to Congress in May […]

Marketing of NAC (N-acetylcysteine) and the bureaucratic time warp

bottle of NAC N-Acetylcysteine

It’s been just over a year since the US Food and Drug Agency (FDA) notified health supplement manufacturers that it was refusing their petition against the decision to block the marketing of NAC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine, aka n-acetylcysteine) as a food supplement. This decision has deep consequences for all of the parties involved in the supply chain […]

Why sourcing your meds from IsraelPharm makes such good sense

happy healthy couple emrbacing and smiling

If you’re wondering if sourcing your meds from IsraelPharm makes sense for you, here are some things to consider. Affordable pricing It’s well known that prescribed medications cost more for US patients than in any other first-world country. Here in Israel, the State has imposed tight controls on retail pharmacy pricing, due mainly to the […]


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