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From Lab to Life: Unpacking the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

Supply Chain network with earth globe on white background

Getting finished goods from the point of manufacture into a user’s home is a long and complicated process commonly referred to as supply chain management. For the whole process to work properly, each step in the chain has to be integrated with the preceding and following phases. A chain is only as strong as the […]

Your guide to compounded medications

Cheerful pharmacist working in a compounding pharmacy

It’s no secret that some, even many, lines of prescribed medication supply have encountered bottlenecks and breakdowns recently. This has led to shortages at the distribution point and caused many pharmacists to disappoint their patients holding the prescriptions unless the pharmacy has facilities to dispense compounded medications.  The problem was reported to Congress in May […]

How to recognize a legitimate online pharmacy

yellow and red pill resting on top of computer keyboard

Before we begin, a confession of bias. We are an online pharmacy that offers consumers worldwide what we believe are superior services in supplying legitimate pharmaceutical products for nearly eighteen years. But this isn’t a blog about why we’re the best out there (although we are happy to throw our hat in the ring). Rather, […]

FDA has dropped a medication that was protecting immunocompromised people

The FDA announced on February 5 that it has dropped the Evusheld medication that it had authorized for the protection of immunocompromised people from the COVID-19 virus. If this decision affects you, it may be wise to consider adding the extra protection afforded by the NONS nasal blocker Enovid, which can kill 99% of any […]

NY Times article about Indian pharma drug quality

On November 3rd, 2022, an article was published on the front page of the New York Times, reporting on an alarming incidence of prescription drug related deaths across several West African countries. In one single outbreak, 70 children in the tiny nation of Gambia are suspected to have died over recent months from a batch […]


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