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Olumiant – A Brand-new Treatment for Alopecia Areata

Smiling-bald woman-touching-head

The pharmaceutical world is abuzz with exciting news about yet another drug whose off-label use has been FDA-approved to treat a completely different condition. Olumiant was initially developed to treat rheumatoid arthritis – but has now achieved full approval from the FDA as a brand-new treatment for alopecia areata. The announcement of the approval of […]

Restoring healthy skin conditions

The skin is a highly specialized and vital organ

Many people regard the skin as simply an outer casing whose main task is to hold everything inside the body. That’s often the case until something goes wrong. The skin is a highly specialized and vital organ that performs various essential biological and metabolic functions. Proper care to maintain healthy skin and treatment in cases […]

Mounjaro is hot news, for good reason

prescription weight loss medication, healthy diet, and weight loss

I recently conducted a very informal survey with our staff here at IsraelPharm and asked them a simple question: what healthcare subject are our customers most interested in? 8 out of 10 responded quickly and unequivocally: losing weight, and the medications that can help. What was once a peripheral sideshow of healthcare has become one […]

A Review of the Past Year’s Top Health Blog Posts


We are celebrating the start of the new Jewish year here at IsraelPharm, and it’s a perfect time to highlight some of the best articles about health we published this past year; great content deserves to be celebrated. As the lead writer here, I always intend to share the most current and useful information about […]

September is Sexual Health Awareness Month


Each September, the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) declares a World Sexual Health Awareness Day to raise awareness about the importance of sexual health, rights, justice, and pleasure for all. The 2023 theme for World Sexual Health Day is consent. Society has come a long way in recognizing the fundamental importance of sexual health, […]

Heart Failure and Heat: A Recipe for Disaster


As summer wanes and temperatures moderate, our focus naturally moves from the unprecedented extreme temperatures that have created dangerous weather in so many parts of the country. As healthy as it is to move forward, it is important to remember some lessons learned – especially regarding how high temperatures can affect heart health and even […]

A balanced approach to treating Coronary Artery Disease


Coronary artery disease (CAD) is reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to be the leading cause of death among adults in America, not only because of its direct effect on the heart (through heart attacks or congestive heart failure) but also because of stroke and renal failure. At the same time, […]

New (and improved) diabetes meds for heart and kidney disease


Often, in the world of medicine, progress is made in unexpected ways. Researchers sometimes find solutions to problems not by carefully planned experiments but by happy accidents. A prime example of this is in recent advancements in treating heart and kidney disease with new families of medications initially intended to treat people with type 2 […]

Vaginal health and sexual fulfillment


The transition for most women into menopause is characterized by a complex interplay of hormonal changes, most notably involving estrogen and progesterone. Understanding these transitions is vital because of their profound impact on a woman’s vaginal health, sex life, and overall health and well-being. Sexual well-being following the transition into menopause may seem out of […]


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