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forxiga What is Forxiga?

Forxiga is a relatively new medication for type II Diabetes. In addition to diet and exercise the active ingredient (Dapagliflozin) helps to bring down blood sugar levels or A1C levels. Sometimes diet and exercise alone are not enough and sometimes other Diabetic medications don’t bring down the blood sugar and A1C to within healthy levels. Forxiga is an alternative treatment that can help control your type II Diabetes and achieve your treatment goals. You can now buy Forxiga online at very reasonable prices.

Forxiga was approved by the EU back in 2012 but was only recently approved elsewhere.

FORXIGA (also called Farxiga) is part of a class of medications called SGLT2. These selective and reversible inhibitor of sodium-glucose cotransporter 2 medications help remove excess glucose from the body without being dependent on insulin levels for help. SGLT2’s perform in a way not seen by other Diabetes medications currently available on the market. With a rising number of people worldwide developing type II Diabetes it’s imperative that the medical community develop more ways of controlling the disease epidemic. They also have to stop it from escalating in people who already have type II Diabetes and even try to reverse the blood sugar levels in those existing patients.

For now Forxiga is suggested as an adjunct therapy in most patients. Diabetes will not disappear or get better by itself. You need to work hard at reversing the effects of it. It goes without saying that a person with Diabetes should have a diet that reflects their Diabetic needs and up their exercise regime as a way of fighting the disease and improving quality of life. Everyone with Diabetes should be doing this regardless of what medications they are taking. Most of the time doctors recommend using Forxiga along with other Diabetes medications, including insulin and Metformin. However, it can be used as a monotherapy in people suffering from metformin-intolerance but this should be discussed and closely monitored by your doctor.

Apart from its glucose lowering ability Forxiga also has some other benefits. It can also help in the fight for weight loss and high blood pressure.

Here’s how Forxiga works: The medicine selectively inhibits the SGLT2 proteins in the Kidney where it successfully targets and removes excess glucose and excretes it via the urine. This is important as otherwise the SGLT2 proteins allow glucose that has been filtered out of the blood to get re-absorbed back into the blood. By inhibiting the SGLT2 proteins it’s possible to stop this from happening and the proteins get secreted out of the body instead. This then helps lower blood sugar levels and reduces the Diabetes.

buy forxiga online


You can buy Forxiga online. Forxiga is made by Astra Zeneca and comes in 10mg strength. It should be taken once a day, in the morning. For more information on Farxiga and buying Farxiga online feel free to contact us directly or visit the Forxiga product page on



Due to the expense and nature of the medication some insurance companies do not cover Forxiga as part of the Diabetes approved drugs. If they do the copay can often be quite high. Forxiga is needed daily and on a long term basis so if you do get it via your insurance watch out that you don’t find yourself in the donut hole later on in the year. Be smart and calculate how many medications you take and work out if you are nearing the threshold without an unexpected extra prescription medication costs. According to GoodRX the cheapest you will pay for 30 tablets of Forxiga 10mg is $324. You can imagine what the copay will be, even if it only stands at 25%. The price for Forxiga 10mg on is only $88 for 30 tablets. You do the math. Is it worth buying Forxiga online?

Table of Contents

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