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Tips to prevent medication mishaps

close up of medical pills in a pill box on table

As pharmacists, ensuring our patients understand proper medication use is part of our DNA. We empower them to manage their medications effectively once they leave our pharmacy. This drives our efforts to make sure that the essentials of the drug’s usage, like dosage, times of use, signs of adverse effects, and all the many other […]

Introducing Tri-Mix for Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Portrait of Happy Laughing Man

People have become more aware of and comfortable with the idea of switching from pre-packaged medications to compounded medications when this is recommended by their doctor. This patient-driven demand has allowed us to expand the range of treatments we can offer with compounded medications. Our new compounded combination Tri-mix treats erectile dysfunction in a unique […]

Men’s Health: Addressing the “M Word” (Manopause)

Happy Senior Couple in Bed

I have been looking forward to the latest installment in the series of articles published in the Jerusalem Post by their contributor, Andrea Samuels. Her series titled “Menopause Diaries” deals with her experience transitioning into menopause. With her permission, we republished the first article in the series at the end of February 2024, along with […]

Fielding questions relating to menopause

Woman in White Robe Flower Care Holiday

One of the subjects that draws frequent questions from our customers and that land on my desk as the senior pharmacist here at IsraelPharm is how best to manage the onset of menopause and how to live with it forever more. It’s understandable that lots of questions relating to menopause crop up because, after all, […]

Why do doctors prescribe a brand-name drug when there are cheaper generics?

Doctor holding out several packs of a variety of pills

I have worked for nearly 30 years in retail pharmacy and have been asked many questions by customers. One of the most frequent themes of these queries relates to choosing between brand-name drugs and their generics. Most queries concern the substantial price differences between buying brand-name drugs and generics. People often ask me, “Why do […]

Pharma News Roundup: December 2023

December 2023 brought the usual burst of exciting news related to health, pharmaceuticals, and treatments. As usual, throughout the month, many announcements appeared on news websites that bring updates to the general public, and we are trying to pick out items that can be relevant to you based on our own experience from reader feedback. In […]

Answering your questions about sexual performance problems

Frustrated Couple, Conflict and Erectile Dysfunction Crisis

I am often called upon to field questions that reach us via the “Ask the Pharmacist” feature on our website. When it comes to the subject of sexual performance problems, many people are too uncomfortable or embarrassed to raise their questions face-to-face with their doctor or pharmacist, who may be a friend or close acquaintance, […]


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