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Adjunctive therapy for partial-onset Epilepsy

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If you suffer from Partial onset (focal) Epilepsy then your Doctor will likely prescribe you an anti-epileptic drug, otherwise known as an AED. According to the EpilepsySociety in the UK 70% of Epileptic suffers can obtain complete seizure control by using AED’s. Sometimes treatment is via monotherapy and sometimes an adjunctive therapy like Keppra is also used.

When you have epilepsy different types of seizures can occur. Not all epilepsy is the same and not all AED’s are the same. There are more than 20 different AED’s available on the market today. Different AED’s treat different episodes so it’s important understand what you’re taking and which type of AED will help you the most.

Keppra  is a commonly prescribed anti-epileptic adjunctive drug. It’s a popular prescription for people who have been newly diagnosed and is normally used alongside another therapy as a way to increase good prognosis. It is also prescribed to patients whose current treatment program is ineffective, as it works to increase seizure control alongside the main therapy. It’s a popular choice as it does not interfere with other antiepileptic drugs being used.

Keppra is essentially an anticonvulsant drug that contains the active ingredient  Levetiracetam. While the main use is to help partial onset (focal) seizures, Keppra can also be used to treat Juvenile Myoclonic Epilepsy when the sufferer has myoclonic seizures. It’s also useful in treatingGeneralized Epilepsy when the sufferer has Primary generalized Tonic-Clonic seizures. For treatment in these areas the patient should over 12 years old.

When taking Keppra you may experience some side effects including headaches, dizziness, nausea, nasal and throat inflammation, somnolence, stomach aches and vomiting, depression, mood swings and fatigue.

Another type of adjunctive therapy used to treat partial onset (focal) seizures is a drug called Lyrica. It’s a different kind of adjunctive therapy as it’s not an anticonvulsant. Seizures originate from abnormal activity in the brain. While Keppra helps convulsions caused by these brain seizures, Lyrica helps with the pain management. It’s more commonly associated with treating neurological pain that occurs with conditions like shingles, fibromyalgia, spinal cord injuries and diabetic peripheral neuropathy. The active ingredient is Pregabalin and it can also help patients who experience partial Epileptic seizures (with or without secondary generalization).

Both Keppra and Lyrica are prescription medications that require close monitoring by your medical practitioner.

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