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Memory loss as we age

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memory lossHow often do you go into a room and forget why you went there in the first place? As we age our memory recollection declines and we begin to notice more and more memory lapses. This can refer to small things such as why we went into the kitchen, not remembering the name of a movie, or not being able to put a name to a face. Even a small amount of memory loss can leave us feeling at odds with our lives and disoriented. (Alprazolam)


Why does memory loss happen?

Older people experience decreased blood flow to the brain which impairs memory. Additionally, the hippocampus (a region of the brain) deteriorates as we get older as do the hormones and proteins which repair and stimulate brain cell growth.

While memory loss is a natural part of aging, this often isn’t the only contributing factor. Hormonal imbalances have a major impact on our memory and could well be the reason why you are experiencing memory loss, particularly if you are experiencing other symptoms such as depression, fatigue, insomnia or low libido.

Our hormones are affected by stress levels, going through the menopause or simply aging. Testosterone in both men and women decline with age, and progesterone in women also declines with age. Testosterone isn’t just responsible for our intimate lives, but also plays a major part when it comes to memory, mood and concentration. That’s why many men (and women) start using testosterone therapy as they reach into their 60’s and 70’s.

So as opposed to just attributing memory loss to aging, we can attribute it to hormonal imbalance which occurs as a result of aging. This means there is a solution – because if you do have a hormonal imbalance it is highly recommended to consider using a form hormone replacement to balance your hormones and improve your lifestyle as well as your memory loss.

If you have low testosterone levels the using a form of testosterone therapy like AndroGel can restore your testosterone. If you are a woman going through menopause or are post menopause taking a form of HRT or progesterone therapy can help balance your hormone levels too.  As well as memory loss many women experience a loss of libido during menopause and opt to use a testosterone therapy alongside progesterone therapy. You can undergo hormone testing in order to identify which hormones are unbalanced.


Is there a way to boost our memory as we age?



It is often thought that the more we use our brain, the less likely it is to deteriorate. Many people treat the brain as a muscle, and that by strengthening it we will be able to remember more things. There is very little research to support this theory but it certainly can’t do any harm! Doing puzzles or Sudoku is a great way of keeping your brain active –whether this will help with memory loss or not is unknown.



Research is showing that those who perform regular aerobic exercise can not only benefit physical health but mental health and abilities too. You don’t have to run marathons but the key is to get your heart pumping.



Supplements can help promote healthy brain function and support memory loss and improve general mental clarity. Medicinal mushrooms have been shown to do this safely, specifically Lion’s Mane mushrooms which contain molecules to regenerate nerve tissue in the brain. Lion’s Mane has been used for hundreds of years for the nervous system and research has in fact shown the mushroom to stimulate nerve growth factor, according to the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms.


Hormone therapy

As mentioned above, if your hormones are imbalanced you will be experiencing memory loss as well as a whole range of other symptoms which are affecting every area of your life. With the appropriate treatment, such as hormone skin creams, you can find relief from these symptoms. Hormone therapy together with exercise is the best way to overcome memory loss. Some people may shy away from using hormone therapies, there are many people who still feel that they can be harmful and not enough is know about long term side effects. Using an endurance supplement might help reduce the symptoms of hormone deficiency like low libido, decreased energy and memory loss without actually treating the condition. For many people who do not want to touch prescription medication, it is an option worth considering.


Alcohol consumption

There has been some research showing that pensioners who have a daily glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage are better at recalling events than those who don’t drink alcohol at all. Scientists have explained that the alcohol (in moderate amounts!) could help the release of chemicals responsible for cognitive functions.


To conclude, forgetfulness is a natural part of the aging process but that doesn’t mean you have to just accept it. Balancing your hormones, doing regular aerobic exercise and taking supplements can help give your brain the boost it needs and reduce memory loss alongside many other aging symptoms.

Table of Contents

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