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Israel Turns 74 Years Old

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In the first week of May, we will be observing two of the most important days in the calendar of the State of Israel. This year on May 4th, the whole country marks the  Israel Defense Force Remembrance Day. It is how the people of Israel pay tribute to the thousands of soldiers who have fallen in battle. Unfortunately, the multiple unprovoked attacks on the country and its people in the relatively short history since the foundation of the State in 1948 have seen an inordinate toll on the fighting forces of Israel. There is hardly a single family that does not have some link to a fallen soldier.

But rather than wallowing in the sadness that the memory of the fallen may induce, as soon as the day runs out, the whole country explodes into the celebration of the birth of the new State of Israel – Yom HaAtzmaut – the Day of Independence. It is one day when every Israeli gets to feel in their plexus the miracle that the foundation of the new country emerging from millennia of exile and the catastrophe of the Holocaust represents.

For us at IsraelPharm, who are engaged in promoting Israeli business both here and overseas, these two days have additional significance. Our core values rest on the dual concepts of promoting Israel’s image, which we have been engaged in for more than 20 years, and delivering quality brand and prescription medications to patients worldwide.

By uplifting the image of Israel as a player in the pharmaceutical market, we hope for and have achieved a general acknowledgement that Israeli businesses can bat way out of their league. This is largely thanks to our commitment to the concept that it is possible to provide drugs at competitive prices without sacrificing quality or customer convenience.

In fact, IsraelPharm has helped hundreds of thousands of customers receive their prescription medication at a lower price without compromising the quality of care. It is our mission at IsraelPharm to provide quality, affordable prescription medication.

Our proven ability to beat the opposition in highly competitive markets is derived from a number of independent aspects. In the first place, we are a business built from the ground up by people who have chosen Israel as their new home because of their commitment to its ideals, and faith in its future. Our directors and managers have come from almost every corner of the globe. They have brought with them knowledge of what major markets require when it comes to pharmaceuticals, and a fundamental commitment to promoting the interests of their new country.

Alongside our own abilities comes the Israeli state’s fundamental commitment to affordable medicine. From the very outset, Israel adopted the concept of equality for all citizens in terms of access to medical treatment and medications. To achieve this, the State has created a basket of pharmaceuticals that address an extensive range of the most common or frequent needs of the whole population, and has capped the prices that the end-user has to pay. It means that substantial savings can be passed on by IsraelPharm to its customers – on average amounting to a 70% reduction compared to prices from US sources.

At the same time, Israel has built one of the most advanced health systems globally – a fact that is acknowledged time and again and is exemplified by the consistent ranking of some of Israel’s hospitals among the top ten hospitals in the world year after year. When this is compared to the relative sizes of the economies and populations of the countries that Israel beats in the list, it gives a solid indication that we achieve the savings that we can pass on to you without sacrificing any degree of quality.

Finally, as befits a participant in the “Start-up Nation” economy, we have assembled an infrastructure that ensures ease of access to our ordering system, swift processing of orders, and guaranteed delivery via reliable and super-fast carriers. Backing all of this up, we have a team devoted to customer support to ensure door-to-door efficiency and customer satisfaction, contactable via email, phone and fax.

Final thoughts

IsraelPharm aims to provide our customers in the US and elsewhere with affordable prescription drugs of the highest quality. We try to add to that the boost of coming away with the knowledge that you are supporting the people and State of Israel.

Table of Contents

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