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Israel Independence Day 2023 – join in the celebration

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Israel Independence Day 2023 is a significant milestone in the modern State of Israel’s progress since its founding in 1948. We look forward to celebrating our 75th anniversary on April 25th with great pride in the attainments of our small country. 

One of the most revered and praiseworthy achievements has been how Israeli research, especially in medicine and life sciences, has catapulted the country into the upper echelons of world rankings. Now, we can compete effectively with countries ten, twenty, or even fifty times our size.

Israeli innovation in life sciences has been built out of need. From the earliest days, Israel has faced unique challenges in supplying health care for a population that grew at a phenomenal rate. But we still needed to build an economy that could adequately support this. 

Refugees and pioneers flooded the infant country immediately after its establishment, creating tremendous pressure to create the infrastructure needed to deliver primary health care. But rather than having a negative effect, it produced the drive for innovation, invention, and industry. It has made Israel one of the stars in the world of new technology in the health sector.

How we all combined to bring the Independence dream to reality. man standing on beach in tel aviv waving israeli flag

It’s not common knowledge that Israel had the fastest total population growth rate in the first forty years of any first-world country. In the first fifteen years, between 1948 and 1963, the population tripled and doubled again in the next 25 years. 

To put that into perspective, in the corresponding initial 15 and 25 years, the population in the US increased by about 30%. Even in the historic peak years of population growth through immigration in the US, between 1901 and 1916, the total increase was just a few points higher, and barely one-tenth of the growth rate in the Israeli population levels.

This reconnection of Jewish people with their land had a phenomenally successful outcome because it brought together people with a wide range of skills, training and experience who shared the common goal to build a new country that would be the ultimate home for Jews from all over the world. 

In part, a lot of the success came from the early philosophy of Zionism, which imbued all the people with a shared goal: “Kibbutz Galuyot, the ingathering of the exiles.” The success of this ingathering is easily recognizable, typified by the recognition of Israel as the “Start-up Nation” in science, high-tech, agriculture and biotechnology.

IsraelPharm is the “start-up nation” in miniature!

We like to think of ourselves as representing a model of the growth and success of the larger Israeli sphere. Just like the country itself, we have brought together people from all over the world, including from Morocco, Ethiopia, Belgium, Australia, the US, Tunisia, the UK, Italy, as well as home-grown Sabras, who share a tremendous sense of loyalty and pride in the work we do collectively. They have brought with them knowledge of what major markets require regarding pharmaceuticals, excellent business acumen, and a fundamental commitment to promoting the interests of their company and their country.

What values does IsraelPharm represent?

Our core values here at IsraelPharm, which we have practiced for more than 20 years, can be put quite simply. We are proud to promote Israel’s image and to do it by supplying quality brand and generic prescription medications to customers worldwide. We also try to give our customers a sense that they are doing something positive by supporting the people and the State of Israel.

Throughout our years, we have helped hundreds of thousands of customers receive their prescription medication at a lower price without compromising quality or convenience. Our mission at IsraelPharm is to provide quality, affordable prescription medication easily and quickly.

We have a proven ability to match any opposition in a highly competitive market. It is thanks mainly to our team, who have chosen Israel as their new home because of their commitment to its ideals and faith in its future. Our personal strengths and abilities pair beautifully with the State of Israel’s fundamental commitment to affordable medicine for all its citizens, whether they were born here or immigrated, and regardless of religion. From the very outset, Israel adopted the concept of equality for all in access to medications. To achieve this, Israel provides an up-to-date basket of pharmaceuticals that meets the full range of the population’s most common and frequent needs. 

Israel has also capped the prices the end-user must pay. This allows us to pass on substantial savings to our customers. On average, we can supply the same drugs you would buy from a local pharmacy at around twenty to thirty percent of the price.

As it befits a ‘Start-up Nation’ business, we have created a system that gives you easy ordering, swift processing, and guaranteed delivery via reliable carriers. We also have an outstanding and dedicated team that provides customer support, contactable via email, phone and fax, so that you can enjoy door-to-door efficiency and satisfaction.

Join us on April 25th and celebrate Yom Ha’Atzmaut – Israel Independence Day 2023 – Israel’s 75th Birthday.

Table of Contents

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