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Finding a new solution for Erectile Dysfunction

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Eroxon Stimgel versus pillsUntil very recently, the world had not seen a new solution for Erectile Dysfunction for close to 30 years. The previous century brought us the insight (somewhat by accident) that drugs based on phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors (PHE5i) can induce erections in men with erectile dysfunction (ED). I had experienced the problem myself for many years and, for several reasons, had found that the benefits of the variety of PDE5i drugs on the market didn’t hold weight against the various disadvantages I experienced. 

PDE5 drugs like Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), and Levitra (vardenafil) were first released between 1998 and 2003. They represented a major leap in the treatment of ED because they are oral medications. In contrast, before them, the only real alternatives were injections directly into the penis or penile implants. PDE5i drugs offered men the opportunity to take a pill an hour or so before they wanted to engage in sexual activity, with a high probability that a satisfactory erection would follow.

In all of the intervening years since the introduction of Viagra, there has been plenty of research to find a better solution for erectile dysfunction. The need to seek alternative treatments is driven mainly by the relatively high incidence of unwanted side effects and after-effects that come with PDE5 treatments, as well as the fact that for a significant proportion of the men who experience erectile dysfunction, PDE5i drugs simply don’t work.

Now, after nearly two decades without innovation in this field, a significant improvement has come thanks to the release of a new solution for erectile dysfunction that works in a completely different way from PDE5i. Eroxon Stimgel is not an oral medication, and it addresses the cause of ED in a much simpler way. The revolutionary approach of the gel relies on a natural reaction to sudden cooling of the most sensitive part of the penis – the glans. This tiny area is packed with nerve endings that react to sudden cooling by boosting blood flow into the chambers of the penis and producing stronger erections within a few minutes. Its function can be related to the feature of an “involuntary erection” that men sometimes experience when first getting out of a warm bed on a cold morning.

What are the main advantages of Eroxon over oral ED medications?

While personally, I have had more experience with using some of the current PDE5 drugs, I have been able to compare how Eroxon works fairly soon into my testing, and I am already impressed by the results. On the one hand, Eroxon works quickly, producing a response within ten minutes. It also forms a part of the flow of engaging in sexual foreplay, where the simple process of applying a drop of gel onto the penis is a completely natural action.

Keep in mind that the use of the original PDE5i drugs has to be planned – so spontaneity is significantly impacted. Additionally, with drugs like Viagra and Levitra, there is an extended delay before the onset of the erection, ranging from up to an hour (around 30 minutes for Cialis). A more recent version of PDE5i, which I have not personally tried, is called Stendra (avanafil). It was released ten years ago, and it claims to produce an erection after just 15 minutes, making it the fastest-acting of the main PDE5 inhibitors. That’s still a bit longer than most men are inclined to wait for the action to begin. So, on this point alone, Eroxon gets my vote because it allows for so much more of a natural sense of spontaneity and flow in my love life.

Another plus of Eroxon, in my opinion, is the absence of the standard warnings that come with the PDE5i options. While all prescribed meds have to identify every possible side effect, and most of these are rare (I never experienced most of them,) it certainly used to give me pause before taking one of the pills – enough to sometimes put the kibosh on what was supposed to be an enjoyable bout of lovemaking. 

Eroxon, by contrast, is not a drug. It works completely outside of the body, where PDE5i drugs have to pass through the stomach to do their job. Eroxon has no biological or chemical effect inside the body, so it can be purchased over-the-counter without needing a prescription from a healthcare provider. Eroxon isn’t a medication in the technical sense of the word; it is registered instead as a medical device under the relevant regulations in the European Union and the UK (set out in EU Regulation 2017/745.)

How is Eroxon different from other topical treatments for ED?

Apart from oral medication such as the PDE5i pills, there has been some progress in finding a new solution for erectile dysfuntion that can bypass their side effects and also induce an erection with less delay. Apart from Eroxon, the research for a new solution for erectile dysfunction was looking to address several disadvantages of oral meds:

  • Localized treatment that could deliver medication directly to the desired area, potentially reducing systemic absorption and side effects.
  • Ease of use that is simple to apply, which can be more convenient for some patients, especially those who have difficulty swallowing pills.
  • Rapid onset of the erection because the drug is absorbed directly through the skin of the penis.
  • An alternative for men who cannot take PDE5 inhibitors for medical reasons such as heart conditions or interactions with other medications.

There have so far been two main areas of progress. Nitroglycerin-based gels work because nitroglycerin is a vasodilator, which means it helps to widen blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the penis and thereby facilitating an erection. As well, a drug commonly used in injectable form for ED (Alprostadil) has been formulated into a topical cream. It works by relaxing the smooth muscles and dilating the blood vessels in the penis, enhancing blood flow.

The disadvantages of these topical medications, when compared to Eroxon come from the same basis as is the case for oral medications. They are absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin, so the potential for adverse effects is much higher than a solution for erectile dysfunction like Eroxon.

How does Eroxon work as a solution for erectile dysfunction?

A penis that is capable of erection responds to a special stimulus to the ultra-sensitive area at the tip (the glans), which is packed with nerve endings. Eroxon works thanks to its special formula that quickly cools off the glans when a drop of the gel is applied and rubbed in. When the glans is gently massaged for a few seconds, and as the area warms up, there is an automatic response of increased blood flow into the two main chambers of the penis that, as they fill up, will stiffen the shaft and produce a full erection.

Does Eroxon work as a solution for erectile dysfunction for everyone?

To answer the first question, the research conducted by the developer of the gel shows that around three out of every four users achieved a satisfactory erection when using Eroxon. 

Eroxon has the same limitations as all the other prescribed medications. A man must be capable of some degree of erection for it to be effective. If there is a deeper reason that prevents the erection from even starting, then neither Eroxon nor PDE5i pills will work.

Table of Contents

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