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Can I Order Voltaren Online?

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Voltaren (generic name: diclofenac) is an over-the-counter medication widely used to reduce pain from inflammation. It is preferably used in external application as a gel for treatment of inflamed muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments caused by arthritis, stress or injury. 

The causes of the inflammation may be sprains and strains and sports injuries like tennis elbow. Soft tissue inflammation such as  rheumatism, bursitis and tendonitis also respond well to Voltaren Emulgel. It is used to lessen post-operative swelling in cataract surgery, other refractive ocular procedures and macular oedema as well.


How Does Voltaren Work?

Voltaren contains diclofenac, which is a member of the group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) that act to block pain associated with inflammation. Inflammation is an unavoidable consequence of how the body heals, but it also results in pain and fever. 

NSAIDs are non-opioid analgesic drugs that have the following main benefits:Voltaren for knee pain

  • They reduce high temperature and fever
  • They decrease inflammation
  • They relieve pain.

Prostaglandins play a vital role in your body’s response to injury and infection – known as the inflammatory response. The body produces more of these where damage or stress occurs and Voltaren acts to reduce the number of prostaglandins at the site of damaged tissue. This reduces pain and lowers inflammation.

NSAIDs block specific enzymes (known as cyclooxygenase or COX) that are required to produce prostaglandins, and so pain and fever are reduced. 

What Forms of Voltaren Can I Buy from IsraelPharm?

Voltaren 2% available OTC in Israel

We supply Voltaren in three different forms: gel, eye drops and tablets, and in various strengths and sizes. 

Voltaren Emulgel containing diclofenac is applied externally to relieve pain, inflammation and joint stiffness. In the gel form, it is absorbed through the skin and not through the stomach, which avoids some of the side-effects of NSAIDs on gastric linings. It provides arthritis relief by blocking inflammation and not simply masking the pain, which is what analgesic gels and ointments do.

Voltaren Emulgel is available without prescription from IsraelPharm in several forms:

  • Voltaren Emulgel extra strength – contains 2% diclofenac in a 150g tube
  • Voltaren Emulgel – contains 1% diclofenac in a 50g tube
  • Voltaren Emulgel – contains 1% diclofenac in a 100g tube
  • Voltaren Emulgel – contains 1% diclofenac in a 150g tube

Voltaren Eye Drops are usually prescribed for use following cataract extraction and other refractive surgical procedures, where they reduce post-operative inflammation. They are also used as a treatment for allergic conjunctivitis and in the prevention and treatment of cystoid macular oedema. 

They are available without prescription from IsraelPharm in the following form:

  • Voltaren eye drops – contains 0.10% diclofenac in a 5ml bottle

Betaren is a form of Voltaren in tablet form (also called Abitren). It contains diclofenac for oral dosages targeting osteoarthritis and is available from IsraelPharm in the following form:

  • Generic Betaren – contains 100mg diclofenac in tablet form.

Voltaren Emulgel® is available over the counter from IsraelPharm and does not require a prescription. Visit our website here to order.


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