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  • US Name:

    UtiPro Plus AF

  • Generic Names:

    Utipro Plus Af

  • Active Ingredients:

    Hibiscus, Propolis, Xyloglucan-gelose

  • Brand Manufacturer:


  • Manufacturer Location:

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UtiPro Plus AF

OTC: No Prescription Required

Utipro Plus AF  is an over-the-counter oral supplement for the management of uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs).

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Utipro Plus AF Brand -
15 Capsules
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Utipro Plus AF (compounded xyloglucan-gelose, hibiscus, and propolis) is an over-the-counter oral supplement for the management of uncomplicated urinary tract infections (UTIs). It is currently the only non-antibiotic treatment that effectively targets the source of infection in the intestine by creating a protective layer that reduces the growth of uropathogenic bacteria in the intestine (bacteria that cause UTIs) and their subsequent ascent into the bladder.

Xyloglucan is a mucoprotectant of plant origin that creates a protective film in the urinary tract to reduce the growth of bacteria. Hibiscus is a type of plant, and propolis is a compound produced by bees. Together they acidify the urine, which stops bacterial growth.

Utipro® Plus AF is a class IIa medical device that is registered in the EU, assessed and meets the requirements set for this type of product. It does not require a prescription.

This text is for informational purposes only. Please consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any medication.


There are no listed side effects for this product.

Utipro Plus AF is a treatment for lower uncomplicated urinary tract infections. It should be taken from the first signs of symptoms which can include a burning sensation during urination, frequent and urgent urination, and pain in the lower abdomen. If symptoms do not improve after 48 hours after taking Utipro Plus AF, consult a doctor as antibiotic treatment may be required.

  • Do UTI pills work?
    Utipro Plus AF is an over-the-counter (OTC) medication that can help manage UTI symptoms, but it does not cure the condition. Nearly 20% of women experience urinary tract infections (UTIs). It is the second most common infection in the body. UTIs can be very painful.
  • Are bananas good for urinary tract infection?
    Bananas and cranberries or cranberry juice can be a good addition to the diet during a UTI attack. While bananas are high in potassium and can potentially aggravate bladder irritation, the overall impact on UTIs is positive. To maintain good urinary health, it's crucial to practice good hygiene and stay well hydrated.
  • Can a UTI get better without antibiotics?
    When there are minor symptoms, home remedies such as cranberry juice and increased hydration can help. Utipro Plus AF helps manage UTI symptoms and reduces re-occurence.

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