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  • US Name:

    Smoke Out

  • Israeli Names:

    Smoke Out

  • Active Ingredients:

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Smoke Out

Smoke Out is a stop smoking aid consisting of a plastic tube filled with cotton wool in various flavors.

Minimum purchase is 20 units.

Brand Smoke Out Strong - 1 Unit $4.00
Brand Smoke Out Lemon - 1 Unit $4.00
Brand Smoke Out Herbs And Mint - 1 Unit $4.00
Brand Smoke Out Citrus - 1 Unit $4.00
Brand Smoke Out Mint - 1 Unit $4.00

Smoking cessation device made of a plastic tube with various flavors.

Does not contain nicotine

Consists of a plastic tube with cotton wool – the action of holding something in your mouth helps to stop smoking by helping with the muscle memory associated with smoking.


Smoke Out is indicated for people wishing to stop smoking



No Prescription Required

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No Hidden Fees

Fast Shipping

Typically Under 7 days

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