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    The Netherlands


CInacalcet is used to treat elevated parathyroid hormone conditions.

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Brand, Mimpara, 30mg, 28, Tablets, 16828, Amgen, 825 $ 445
Brand, Mimpara, 60mg, 28, Tablets, 16831, Amgen, 826 $ 834
Brand, Mimpara, 90mg, 28, Tablets, 16833, Amgen, 827 $ 1239

Mimpara is an agent that increases the sensitivity of the parathyroid gland to calcium in the body. This causes a decrease in levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH), calcium, and phosphorous in the body. Cinacalcet is used to reduce elevated levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH) in people with chronic renal disease who are on dialysis. Sensipar (Cinacalcet) is also used to lower calcium levels in patients with cancer of the parathyroid gland.


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