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  • US Name:

    B Neurol Kosher

  • Israeli Names:

    B Neurol

  • Active Ingredients:

    Vit B-6, B-1, B-12

  • Brand Manufacturer:


  • Manufacturer Location:


B Neurol Kosher

B neurol like Metanx is a biological food used to prevent heart disease.

B Neurol
200mg, 100mg, 250mcg
20 Tablets
*Please note all prices are in US dollars

B Neurol contains 3 Vitamins from the B group Vitamins. Vitamin B-6 (also called Pyridoxal Phosphate) is important in many metabolic functions. Vitamin B-1 (also called Thiamin) is important in all neurological processes. Vitamin B-12 (also called Cobalamin) is important in blood cell regulation and folate regulation.





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