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U.S. Name: Procto Glyvenol
Israeli Names: Procto Glyvenol, Procto Glyvenol Cream
Active Ingredient(s): Tribenoside
Brand Manufacturer: Novartis
Manufacturer Location: Switzerland
Procto Glyvenol is a cream or suppository used for Hemorrhoids.
Similar drugs in this category include Advil, Nurofen, Dexamethasone, Indocid, Optalgin, Flector Patch

Procto Glyvenol

Procto Glyvenol is a cream or suppository used for Hemorrhoids

Procto GlyvenolNovartisBrand10 Suppositories$16.50
Procto Glyvenol CreamNovartisBrand1 Tube$16.50 does not sell prescription medication within Israel.
Procto Glyvenol does not require a prescription.
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Testosterone. YEAH, MAN. The word conjures up an image of classic male glory. That stealth, tan, shiny-skin toned, agile body builder, with both arms bent upward at the elbow, fists staunchly directed to the sky, rounded bulging biceps, sleek protrusions of triceps, grounded feet with knees slightly bent, and eyes wide with surefire goal-reached pride. This. Is. Strength. Personified.

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Here are common symptoms of low testosterone levels:

-Sports performance deteriorated, Overtired
-Lack of energy, Libido lower
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-Sad, Depressed, Weaker erection
-Work performance lacking, Loss of body hair

It’s important to note that the above list only includes the more isolated, somewhat minor symptoms. On a larger scale, testosterone – the hormone whose role is mostly associated with sex and masculinity – actually affects men’s health on the whole. In fact, low testosterone (or hypogonadism),

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