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Confusion Abounds with Online Drugstores

I have been following the news closely, and I am confused.

On one hand, Maine just passed a law that allows residents to buy prescription drugs online from reputable sources outside of the United States, while on the other hand there are reports that the FDA has shut down illegal online pharmacies that pretend to be legitimate pharmacies.

IsraelPharm follows all the rules provided by the FDA, and we are not considered illegitimate.

Last February, the FDA came out with guidelines for purchasing prescription medications online and the guidelines do make sense. It also makes sense that the FDA is taking action to shut down the illegitimate side of the online pharmacy world. My problem is that the tools they are using to shut illegal pharmacies have no oversight and do not necessarily match the FDA guidelines that they themselves initiated.

There is a website that the FDA uses called LegitScript, but the problem is that LegitScript will only recognize pharmacies that have brick-and-mortar operations in the U.S. This means that LegitScript will deem any pharmacy in Canada, Israel, and other legitimate countries as “Rogue Pharmacies.”

In my opinion, this is not only ridiculous, but contrary to what Maine is doing by allowing and even recommending Maine residents buy medications from trusted sources outside of the U.S.

IsraelPharm is a member of Rxrights.org, an organization aimed at protecting the rights of Americans to purchase safe and affordable medications overseas.

A trusted source for prescription medication, IsraelPharm’s drugs are approved by the Israel Ministry of Health whose guidelines are often stricter than those of the FDA. IsraelPharm requires a prescription in order to complete the order process, and we do not hide behind fake names or source medication from outside of Israel. This is why IsraelPharm is the best choice for secure safe ordering of prescription medication online.

This post comes from Saul Kaye, IsraelPharm’s in-house pharmacist with more than 15 years of experience in community pharmacy in Israel. Questions? Email Saul!


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