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Hi-Tech on the Kibbutz: The Start Up Nation’s New Tech Incubators

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A kibbutz is a collective community unique to Israel, traditionally based on agriculture and many of which were formed by pioneers looking to build a community for themselves. For many years, the residents of the kibbutz would share everything, living in modest accommodation, all eating together in the dining hall, and would all divide the different jobs among members – from cooking, laundry, looking after the kibbutz kids in the nursery, farming and crops.

There are almost 300 kibbutzim across Israel today and many of them are now privatized. Kibbutzim offer a fascinating insight into Israeli society and are great and beautiful places to visit.

While there are still some that are focused on agriculture, many kibbutzim today have diversified towards manufacturing, and in recent years, hi-tech.

The Start-Up Nation

Israel is considered the “start-up nation,” and though a small country, is home to over 5,000 start-up companies. Kibbutzim have, as such, adapted to this environment and many have chosen the hi-tech and innovation route, rather than agricultural and industrial routes. To further develop this hi-tech focus, many groups and kibbutzim have actively encouraged their residents to bring hi-tech into the kibbutzim, train the residents and serve as incubators for start-ups.


One such example is the organization called SouthUp which promotes education and employment in the hi-tech sphere in a kibbutz in southern Israel. Since many young people come to the kibbutz to study and work, it presented a unique opportunity to invest in this and develop more innovative opportunities for the youth.

Leaders are now interested in reinvigorating the kibbutz movement after 20 years of debt and living in survival mode. With Israel being a hi-tech nation, it’s only natural that kibbutzim would jump on board.

SouthUp originated when a high school principal was worried about the effects of the rocket situation in the south of Israel was having on students. Instead of being preoccupied by fear and anxiety, their energies were diverted to innovation and technology.

So far kibbutz residents have invested $5 million in startups, which isn’t much, but there is a further half a billion dollars waiting to be invested into the right places.

At Kibbutz Revivim, there is an incubator program where entrepreneurs come to live on the kibbutz with all their food and laundry needs taken care of by kibbutz members, leaving them free to work on innovation without distraction. Mentors are there to help and the entrepreneurs have three to six months to achieve feasibility. So far, four startups have graduated the incubator.

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Table of Contents

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