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Buy Compounded Tirzepatide for Less at IsraelPharm

Pharmacist mixing medication in compounding pharmacy

A crisis struck in 2023. Patients relying on vital medications for diabetes faced a frightening reality: pharmacies, including ours, had to turn away their orders due to shortages. Earlier this year, we published an article detailing the causes of the shortages, titled “Why is it so hard to get your weight loss drugs.” Due to […]

Medicare now approves weight-loss drugs for people with heart problems

Health And Life Insurance

There has been much attention in the media to an announcement from Medicare in mid-March 2024. In essence, it said that it has now agreed to start paying for one of the leading weight-loss drugs for people with heart problems when it is prescribed to treat overweight or obese patients if they are at risk […]

Why it’s so hard to get your weight-loss drugs

Weight loss drugs

On February 2nd, 2024, the venerable New York Times published an article titled “Six Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Get Your Weight-Loss Drugs”. There were few surprises for us in what the NYT wrote because we have been hearing many of the same complaints from new customers who have been struggling to fill their […]

Changes in insurance coverage for Ozempic

doctor showing Ozempic to patient

There’s been a rapid revolution in how U.S. insurers cover (or don’t cover) the cost of the newer type 2 diabetes medications like Ozempic and Mounjaro. In this short article, we offer a general overview of the highly volatile situation concerning insurance coverage for Ozempic. We aren’t trying to predict what could be happening for […]

Combating GLP-1 hair loss with Phyllotex

woman worried about Hair loss , young asian female holds loss hair on a white background

Losing weight can truly feel like a victory. But along with the celebratory feeling of weight loss many people experience while using new GPL1 weight loss drugs like Ozempic – there can be another unwelcome side effect: loss of hair health. While the exact connection is still being investigated, many are looking for immediate solutions […]

Weaning off Ozempic?

A Woman Injects Insulin with Insulin Injection Device into the Subcutaneous Tissue of Abdomen

A number of our customers have asked us for advice about their options regarding their desire to stop using the drug Ozempic. Primarily, people want to know how to minimize any possible consequences of weaning off Ozempic. These new drugs brought improved care to people living with type 2 diabetes, most notably those drugs based […]

Mounjaro is hot news, for good reason

prescription weight loss medication, healthy diet, and weight loss

I recently conducted a very informal survey with our staff here at IsraelPharm and asked them a simple question: what healthcare subject are our customers most interested in? 8 out of 10 responded quickly and unequivocally: losing weight, and the medications that can help. What was once a peripheral sideshow of healthcare has become one […]

If it brings such great benefits, why do people stop taking Ozempic?

white dinner plate on yellow background, Red question mark in middle of plate

A natural question has arisen. “If it has such great benefits and is so popular, why do people stop taking Ozempic ?” Ozempic is considered a “wonder drug” out of all the treatments for type 2 diabetes, which has brought significant benefits to millions of people worldwide who develop type 2 diabetes, and caused shortages […]

Good News about Semaglutide Side Effects

slim woman showing oversized jeans

  Examining the STEP 1 (Semaglutide Treatment Effect in People) trials for weight loss provides answers to many questions about this trending subject. With many companies in the pharmaceutical industry bustling to secure their place in what may well become a prominent drug market segment, understanding these trials becomes vital.   The STEP 1 trials […]

Riding the Ozempic weight-loss tsunami

woman stepping onto a scale with measuring tape on the floor

The internet is exploding with torrents of content about the drug Ozempic. Launched initially in 2017 as a radically new treatment for type 2 diabetes, it has been touted as the ‘miracle cure’ for weight loss. As always, among the praise, there’s plenty of negative chatter on social media towards Ozempic – mostly directed towards […]


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