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Understanding medication-induced hair loss

Man Worried about medicine-induced Hair Loss

With new medications arriving on the market all the time that patients may be unfamiliar with, prescription requests are often accompanied by a flurry of questions. Understandably, the prescribing doctor does not always have the time to go through all the side effects of the medications. Part of our function as dispensers is to provide […]

Olumiant – A Brand-new Treatment for Alopecia Areata

Smiling-bald woman-touching-head

The pharmaceutical world is abuzz with exciting news about yet another drug whose off-label use has been FDA-approved to treat a completely different condition. Olumiant was initially developed to treat rheumatoid arthritis – but has now achieved full approval from the FDA as a brand-new treatment for alopecia areata. The announcement of the approval of […]

Hair regrowth for women is within reach

woman looking distressed holding hair brush full of hair

The world of beauty and wellness has been waiting for an elixir that could revolutionize hair loss for women. Hair loss isn’t just an external feature that other people see. Mounting evidence points to early or unexpected hair loss as having a significant psychological and social impact on people living from this unfortunate condition. Mounting […]

Understanding how Phyllotex works as the latest hair-loss treatment

Woman with her back to camera running hands through her hair

This article will explain how Phyllotex works as the latest hair-loss treatment. Hair thinning and hair loss are two of the most common complaints both men and women share. Unfortunately, it came to be regarded as an inescapable part of growing older. But there is good reason for optimism because Phyllotex works to slow down […]

Phyllotex® for male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia (AGA), is a common condition in men that manifests as hair loss and thinning. It is related to both genetics and hormones and typically shows up as a receding hairline or thinning on the crown. While there is no cure for male pattern baldness, some studies have […]


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