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Understanding how Phyllotex works as the latest hair-loss treatment

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Woman with her back to camera running hands through her hairThis article will explain how Phyllotex works as the latest hair-loss treatment. Hair thinning and hair loss are two of the most common complaints both men and women share. Unfortunately, it came to be regarded as an inescapable part of growing older. But there is good reason for optimism because Phyllotex works to slow down the loss and restore original hair health. 

One of the most important things is to pick up the signs of hair thinning or loss early so that you can start remedying the causes before any real damage is done. Some simple tests will help you catch the early stages of hair loss. Do you find more than ten hairs on your pillow when you wake up in the morning? Try the ‘hair pull test.’ If this is happening for you, or if you notice that your hair isn’t as full, thick and healthy as it was in the past, there is a new solution that begins to work in just a few months.

Phyllotex is a new and innovative solution that is designed specifically to reverse hair loss and go on to promote regrowth. Phyllotex contains a combination of natural ingredients, along with vitamins and minerals such as vitamin D, vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), zinc and magnesium. Together, these protect and stimulate hair follicles and reverse hair loss naturally.

What’s new in hair-loss treatments?

Phyllotex can reduce excess hair shedding and promote faster growth of thicker and longer hair. It is completely natural, vegetarian, without side effects and intended for both women and men. After research and clinical trials, the Phyllotex nutritional supplement has been patented, and the brand is now available from us.

In the following short Q&A section, we will address some of the most frequent queries about hair loss, and show how Phyllotex works as a new hair-loss treatment and can be used as a unique way to reverse hair loss and promote regrowth.

It’s important to understand that there are no “one-size-fits-all” cures that will either stop hair loss or restore lost hair. No single treatment works for everyone, and the degree of hair restoration varies from person to person.


What are the main causes of hair loss?

Most often in men as they grow older, hair loss is caused by a condition known as androgenetic alopecia (AGA) or male-pattern baldness. It can show up either as a bald patch on top, or a receding hairline.

In women, aging after menopause more often leads to thinning rather than complete hair loss. As well for women, hormonal changes during pregnancy and perimenopause have been known to cause sudden hair loss.

When the immune system attacks hair roots and causes hair loss, the condition is known as alopecia areata. Hair can be lost from any part of the body, but most often from the head and face.

Thinning of hair evenly across the scalp (telogen effluvium) is most often caused by a sudden change, such as a severe illness, pregnancy or major surgery. Some diseases like COVID-19, thyroid disease, iron-deficiency anemia, malnutrition causing rapid weight loss, or vitamin D deficiency can also trigger effluvium. 

Other systemic diseases can also cause hair loss (for example, lupus, syphilis and thyroid disorders). Some treatments, like chemotherapy for cancer, oral contraceptives, anti-inflammatories, lithium (for depression and anxiety), valproate (for epilepsy), fluoxetine and beta and calcium channel blockers (for blood pressure), can all produce side effects of thinning and loss. 

Another common cause is nutrient deficiencies. Vitamins D, B and E are all essential in promoting hair health. Zinc, copper and iron are needed as well. But there can also be too much of a good thing. Excess Vitamin A, and too frequent bleaching and dyeing, can have a toxic effect and destroy the hair roots.

Can hair grow back after thinning? Jar of phyllotex natural hair loss supplement

There’s good reason to be optimistic because several treatment streams offer the chance to stop hair thinning, and even reverse the process and restore full hair health. The choice is mainly between topical foams (like Minoxidil), oral meds prescribed by a dermatologist (like Finasteride), treatments requiring physical stimulation (like micro-needling), or oral dietary supplements like Phyllotex that supply the necessary vitamins and minerals that are vital for hair health.

Which medicine is best for hair regrowth?

If you notice hair loss or thinning, you need to tailor the treatment to the cause of the hair loss. Some treatments are best suited to specific causes. The most common causes and available treatments are:

Cause of hair loss Available treatments
Male pattern baldness Oral medication (Finasteride)

Foam (Minoxidil)


Laser therapy

Nutrition supplement (Phyllotex)

Female pattern hair loss Oral medication (Spironolactone)

Foam (Minoxidil)

Nutrition supplement (Phyllotex)

Telogen effluvium Foam (Minoxidil)

Nutrition supplement (Phyllotex)

Alopecia areata Injections of corticosteroids
Dietary deficiencies Nutrition supplement (Phyllotex)
Hormonal changes Hormone replacement therapy

What do dermatologists prescribe for hair loss?

In the table above, we listed most of the most common causes of hair thinning and loss, along with most possible treatments. Doctors always try to find a medication that will produce the best possible results with the least side effects. Often, the full cause of hair loss may not be known, and dermatologists may prescribe combination therapies. For example, in cases of telogen effluvium, the cause can be systemic and dietary. The best treatment may be a nutritional supplement like Phyllotex and scalp treatment like Minoxidil. 

Which medications cause the most hair loss?

Hair thinning and loss may be unwanted side effects of many medicines. Probably the most common cause of hair loss is chemotherapy for cancer. As well, many people experience some adverse side effects on hair growth from the following medications:

  • Blood thinners (like Warfarin) for heart conditions
  • Oral contraceptives
  • Antidepressants (like selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) for depression and anxiety
  • Anti-inflammatories (like aspirin, topical steroids and NSAIDs) for inflammation
  • Beta-blockers (like Betaloc or Lopressor) for high blood pressure
  • Calcium channel blockers (like Verelan, Norvasc, and Dilacor) for high blood pressure

Doctors always weigh the risks of any drugs against the benefits, and would consider possible side effects such as hair loss before prescribing these drugs.

Are my vitamins causing hair loss?

There can be a clear connection between vitamin deficiencies and hair loss. Vitamins B, D and E are all important contributors to maintaining healthy hair. For this reason, we recommend taking a dietary supplement like Phyllotex, which works as a new hair-loss treatment. Phyllotex contains all of the necessary vitamins and other essentials like zinc and iron, can help stop hair loss and promote regrowth.

There is one specific warning, regarding overloading your blood with Vitamin A. Excess Vitamin A can have several serious side effects, one of which is damaging hair roots.

What helps thinning hair grow back?

The best way to reverse hair loss and restore healthy hair is to keep the scalp supplied with all the nutrients hair follicles need to grow. Suppose there are other specific causes, such as toxic side effects from other medications, active auto-immune disease or general conditions like lupus, hyperthyroidism and many others that can directly cause damage to the hair follicles. In that case, these conditions need to be treated first.

Table of Contents

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