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    Acyclo-V, Zovirax, Zovirax Cream, Zovirax Eye Ointment, Zovirax Syrup

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Acyclovir is an antiviral.  Zovirax Cream 5% does not require a prescription.

Generic Acyclo-V 200mg 30 Tablets $43.00
Generic Acyclo-V 400mg 30 Tablets $43.00
Brand Zovirax 200mg 25 Tablets $21.00
Brand Zovirax 400mg 25 Tablets $21.00
Brand Zovirax 800mg 35 Tablets $106.00
Brand Zovirax Cream 5% 2g 1 Tube $22.00
Brand Zovirax Eye Ointment 3% 4.5g 1 Tube $20.00
Brand Zovirax Syrup 250mg/5ml - 200ml 1 Bottle $60.00

Aciclovir is taken by mouth to treat herpes infections that cause chickenpox and shingles. It is also taken by mouth to treat genital herpes and other herpes simplex infections of the skin and mucous membranes, and to prevent these infections coming back in people who suffer recurrent infections. Oral aciclovir is also valuable for preventing herpes simplex infections in people whose immune systems are supressed and cannot fight off infection, either due to disease, eg HIV and AIDS, or medical treatment, eg chemotherapy, steroids, bone marrow transplant.


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