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    Latanoprostene Bunod

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    Bausch & Lomb

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Vyzulta is a prescription eye drop prescribed to treat raised pressure inside the eye, which can be due to open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Lowering high pressure inside the eye can help prevent blindness.

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Vyzulta (generic name: latanoprostene bunod) is an eye drop prescribed for patients who are diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. In both cases, there is a build-up of pressure inside the eye, which if untreated can lead to blindness.

There may have been some degree of blockage in the drainage channels within the front chamber (the aqueous humor) of the eye, or overproduction of fluids in the chamber. This can cause ocular hypertension that can eventually damage the retina and result in blindness. Some medicines, such as steroids, can also cause an elevation of intraocular pressure.

Vyzulta works to lower pressure inside the eye by controlling the flow of fluids within the eye to maintain a normal pressure.

Very rarely, the following serious side effects have been reported:

Punctate keratitis – raised spots on the cornea (the clear layer in front of the iris and pupil) caused by death of small groups of cells. Symptoms include the eyes becoming red, watery, and sensitive to light, with decreased vision.  In this case, stop use of the drops immediately, and consult with the prescribing physician or a pharmacist.

Less severe symptoms include excessive coloration of the iris or conjunctival hyperemia (signs of blood in the lining of the eye), darkening of the eyelids, eye pain or irritation. In such cases, stop using the drops and refer back to the prescribing doctor or a pharmacist.

Other infrequent side effects include excessive growth of the eyelashes, blurred vision, chemosis (which is a sign of eye irritation on the conjunctiva), and a feeling of particles in the eye when blinking.  In all of these cases, if the side effects do not clear up by themselves within a few days, consult with the prescribing physician or a pharmacist.

Vyzulta is prescribed as a first-line treatment to lessen intraocular pressure and prevent blindness.

Intraocular pressure is measured with special equipment when you are examined by an ophthalmologist, optometrist or other trained physicians. 

Pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg). Normal pressure is in a broad range, from 10-21 mm Hg. Usually, ocular hypertension is diagnosed and treated when eye pressure is greater than 21 mm Hg, but the changes between measurements may also be of significance, indicating an underlying problem if it is steadily increasing.


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