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    Brintellix, Fonksera

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Brintellix, Trintellix, and Fonksera are all the same medication (vortioxetine) manufactured by Lundbeck.

Brintellix is indicated for the treatment of major depressive episodes in adults.

Brand Brintellix-Fonksera 20mg 28 Tablets 85112 Lundbeck 1423
BrandBrintellix 15mg 28 Tablets 85111 Lundbeck 1422
Brand Brintellix-Fonksera10mg 28 Tablets85110 Lundbeck1421
Brand Brintellix-Fonksera 5mg28 Tablets 85109Lundbeck 1420

Vortioxetine was previously trademarked as Brintellix in the United States, but the US FDA approved a name change to Trintellix in 2016. In Europe, Lundbeck has changed the name of Brintellix to Fonksera. The brand Vortioxetine can be called Brintellix, Trintellix, and Fonksera.

Side effects include mild to moderate nausea within the first two weeks of treatment. Gastrointestinal adverse reactions, such as nausea, occurred more frequently in women than men. Class effect Epidemiological studies, mainly conducted in patients 50 years of age and older, show an increased risk of bone fractures in patients receiving a medicinal product from related pharmacological classes of antidepressants (SSRIs or TCAs). The mechanism behind this risk is unknown, and it is not known if this risk is also relevant for vortioxetine.

Trintellix is indicated for the treatment of major depressive episodes in adults.


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