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  • US Name:


  • Israeli Names:

    Jardiance Duo

  • Active Ingredients:

    Empagliflozin / Metformin

  • Brand Manufacturer:


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Variation Title Quantity Price Add To Cart
Brand, , 12.5mg / 500mg, 60, Tablets, 888888, Boehringer, 1927 $ 161
Brand, Jardiance Duo, 12.5mg / 1000mg, 60, Tablets, 32902, Boehringer, 1501 $ 135
Brand, Jardiance Duo, 12.5mg / 850mg, 60, Tablets, 32903, Boehringer, 1500 $ 81
Brand, Jardiance Duo, 5mg / 1000mg, 60, Tablets, 32904, Boehringer, 1499 $ 135
Brand, Jardiance Duo, 5mg / 850mg, 60, Tablets, 32905, Boehringer, 1498 $ 79

Synjardy is an adjunct medication suitable for use in adults with Diabetes type II when the use of Metformin or other Diabetes drugs is not adequate. Combined with diet and exercise it improves glycaemic control. Synjardy can be used in combination with other glucose-lowering medicinal products, including Insulin and in combination with Empagliflozin and Metformin as separate tablets.

Synjardy XR is taken once daily. Synjardy is twice daily, divide the dose in half at convert from Synjardy XR to Synjardy.
Eg. Synjardy XR 25/1000 once daily is equivalent to Synjardy 12.5/500 twice daily.


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