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  • US Name:

    Inositol Plus

  • Generic Names:

    Inositol Plus

  • Active Ingredients:

    Myo-Inositol, Berberine, Potassium, Chromium, Folic Acid, Red Yeast, Cinnamon Bark, Turmeric, CoQ10, Magnesium, Zinc

  • Brand Manufacturer:

    Provation Life

  • Manufacturer Location:


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Inositol Plus

OTC: No Prescription Required

Inositol is a patented capsule that can help restore fertility for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). 

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Inositol is a patented oral medicine that helps restore fertility in women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS-related) hormone imbalance. PCOS can disturb the timing sequence of hormone release that promotes the menstrual cycle, resulting in irregular periods and a loss of fertility. Inositol can reduce some of the secondary results of PCOS, which can lead to secondary effects such as type 2 diabetes, weight problems, as well as the risk of cardiac failure that can come from those two diseases.

Inositol is a capsule that combines ten essential naturally occurring substances that work synergistically to restore the balance between androgen and estrogen hormones. The ingredients are Myo-inositol, chromium, cinnamon, red yeast, magnesium, potassium, zinc, folic acid, turmeric, and Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10).

Myo-inositol, also known as vitamin B8, is present in high concentrations in the brain. It plays an important role in the production of neurotransmitters and also affects hormone actions. Berberine, a chemical derived from the berberis plant, has shown positive effects on hormone levels when taken with myo-inositol.

The key areas addressed by the ingredients of the Inositol supplement are:

Hormone balance: 

  • Myo-inositol supplementation can improve ovarian function and the stability of menstrual cycles in PCOS patients. 
  • Zinc plays a role in hormone regulation, including the reduction of androgen levels, which are typically elevated in PCOS. 
  • Folic acid is essential for general health and particularly important for women trying to conceive. 
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is an antioxidant that can improve egg quality and ovarian responses, particularly in women undergoing fertility treatments.

Insulin control:

  • Myo-inositol plays a crucial role in insulin signaling, and studies show that inositol supplements can improve insulin sensitivity
  • Chromium enhances the action of insulin and may contribute to improved blood sugar metabolism
  • Cinnamon can contribute to lower blood sugar levels and improve insulin sensitivity
  • Magnesium is involved in glucose metabolism and may aid in reducing insulin resistance and lowering the risk of developing type 2 diabetes

Cardiovascular health:

  • Turmeric (curcumin) is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can be beneficial in managing chronic inflammation
  • Potassium is important for cardiovascular health and may help in managing the high blood pressure issues that can be caused by PCOS.
  • Red yeast contains compounds that may help lower cholesterol levels, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Trace ingredients have been added because years of research show that they improve the performance of the primary component, myoinositol. These ingredients, in combination, create a better hormone balance for women with PCOS.


The recommended dosage is one capsule each morning, along with food.

Inositol is a 100% gluten-free and vegan product. There have been no reports of side effects. If you experience any unexpected effects, stop taking the capsules, and if the symptoms persist, please consult a doctor. 

The main symptoms of PCOS include irregular menstruation (primary amenorrhea), fewer than normal menstrual periods (oligomenorrhea), or the complete absence of menstruation for more than three months (secondary amenorrhea).

The primary cause of PCOS is elevated levels of androgens, which are hormones that determine the primary sexual characteristics of males but also have an important secondary role in the normal menstrual cycle in women. Too much androgen (hyperandrogenemia) can promote the growth of many small cysts inside the ovaries and interfere with the development of follicles (the hormone-producing bodies in the ovaries). This disturbs the timing of the release of eggs for fertilization. Inositol can reduce the levels of androgens and restore hormonal balance, allowing for a regular monthly ovulation cycle.

There are no known specific causes of PCOS, but research has shown a genetic link because women whose mothers or sisters have the disorder are more likely also to develop PCOS. The diagnosis can only be made by healthcare professionals based on the patient’s history, a physical examination, and laboratory testing. Advanced diagnosis with ultrasound and imaging is not usually used because other disorders cause ovarian cysts, which is the main characteristic of PCOS.

  • What is the biggest symptom of PCOS?
    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a hormone problem that can occur in women of childbearing age. A woman with PCOS may have high levels of androgens, leading to many small cysts on her ovaries and her not being able to ovulate. PCOS can cause irregular or missed menstrual periods, facial hair growth, acne, and weight gain.
  • How do I know if I have PCOS?
    Having irregular periods or missing periods altogether are common signs of PCOS. In some cases, a period can last for many days longer than was typical in the past. Doctors can perform a pelvic examination to see if there are abnormal growths on the ovaries.
  • Does my period look different with PCOS?
    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome can prevent ovulation and in such a case the lining of the uterus builds up but doesn't shed properly. When the period fails to occur, there may be a discharge of brown blood.

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