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    Cerazette, Diamilla

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Cerazette is used to prevent pregnancy.

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Cerazette is a hormonal contraceptive containing only progesterone. It is used to help prevent pregnancy but does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases or HIV infections.  Cerazette contains progesterone, which is a female sex hormone. It works by stopping the ripening of the egg cell in most cases and preventing the sperm cells from entering the womb. Dosage: It is advised to take Cerazette every day at the same time. If a dose is missed by less than 12 hours, it is advised to take the forgotten dose as soon as possible and take the next one as usual.  If a dose is missed by more than 12 hours, it is advised to take the forgotten dose as soon as possible and continue taking the pill as usual. It is important to remember that if the dose is missed by more than 12 hours, protection against pregnancy is not guaranteed.

Before taking Cerazette, consult a doctor or healthcare provider. It is important to provide the prescribing doctor with the patient’s medical history. For further information, refer to the manufacturer’s product insert with this medication.

Contact a doctor immediately if any of these side effects are experienced:

  • Thrombosis or any signs of blood clots
  • Lumps in the breast (may be a sign of breast cancer)
  • Allergic reaction 
  • Prolonged or unusually heavy bleeding 

The most common side effects may include the following:

  • Weight gain
  • Mood changes
  • Acne
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Breast pain
  • Hair loss (alopecia)
  • Decreased libido
  • Irregular vaginal bleeding

If any unwanted side effects are experienced, contact a doctor or healthcare provider for further instruction.

Cerazette is used for pregnancy prevention. It is indicated for the use of women 18 years old or older.

Cerazette is a pill that is to be taken at the same time every day for the wanted duration and as prescribed by the doctor. Regular doctor appointments are advised while taking Cerazette.

Like other hormonal contraceptives, Cerazette does not protect against HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases.

  • What are the side effects of Cerazette?
    The most common side effects of Cerazette are mood changes, decrease in libido, headache, nausea, hair loss, ovarian cysts, acne, weight gain and breast pain. Irregular vaginal bleeding was reported to be a common side effect as well and it is advised to continue taking Cerazette regardless. If bleeding is heavy or prolonged, consult a doctor.
  • Do you still get a period on Cerazette?
    It is possible to get a period while on Cerazette. Some women may experience irregular spotting or light bleeding, some may experience continuous bleeding, and some may not experience bleeding at all.
  • What is the warning on Cerazette?
    The main warning when taking Cerazette is that irregular vaginal bleeding may occur while taking this medication. Other warnings include informing the prescribing doctor of any past or current medical conditions such as breast cancer, liver cancer, thrombosis, diabetes, epilepsy, tuberculosis, high blood pressure, or chloasma. For further information, read the product insert and consult a doctor or healthcare provider before taking Cerazette.
  • How long does it take Cerazette to work?
    If Cerazette is taken for the first time on the first day of the period, it will work, and no other forms of contraceptive precautions are necessary. However, if Cerazette is taken for the first time on days 2-5 of the period, it is advised to use an additional form of protection against pregnancy for the following seven days.
  • Can Cerazette cause weight gain?
    Yes, one of the more common side effects of taking Cerazette is weight gain.

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