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U.S. Name: Cardizem,Cardizem SR
Israeli Names: Adizem CD, Dilatam, Dilatam Sr, Dilitiazem
Active Ingredient(s): Diltiazem
Manufacturer Location: Israel
Adizem and Dilatam are both manufactured in Israel. They are used to treat high blood pressure, Irregular heart beat (Arhythmia) and Angina Pectoris (Chest Pain due to blockage or structural damage to heart muscle). Cardizem is the regular tablet and CR or SR or CD refers to the delayed release tablet usually taken once daily.
Similar drugs in this category include Hytrin, Cozaar, Catapres, Vasodip, Vasotec

Cardizem,Cardizem SR

Cardizem is a Calcium Chanel Blocker used to treat Hypertension.

Adizem CD120mgRafaGeneric30 Tablets$15.40
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Dilatam SR240mgAbicGeneric30 Tablets$28.60
Dilitiazem60mgTevaGeneric30 Tablets$11.00
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