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Top Four Prescription Drug Apps

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If you’re trying to figure out the best way to keep tabs on your prescription medication or just want to have more information at your fingertips, we’ve got our picks for prescription drug apps for your smartphone! Are we missing something? Let us know! ID My Pill (Free, iOS) Available on the iPhone, this app allows you to snap a picture of your prescription medication so you can appropriately identify what you’re taking. When more than 3.3 million injuries and deaths occurring every year because of the wrong pill being taken, knowing that you’ve got the right pill for the right prescription is more important than ever. Just snap a picture with your iPhone’s camera and your pill is identified automatically by ID My Pill! MedHelper (Free with paid option, iOS and Android) This handy 24/7 healthcare assistant helps individuals and caregivers keep tabs on their daily medication intake. Complete with an accurate prescription inventory, gentle reminders, and an exportable log, you’ll never miss a dose again. You can even set up unique profiles for every member of the family. MedSnap (Free for 30 days, iOS) Another medication identification app, this technology was created and is prized by doctors the world over. Focusing on powerful medication identification and management tools, the MedSnap team is working on more dynamic applications to let patients and their caregivers monitor their prescription drug regimen. You don’t need internet access to snap an image with your iPhone, and you can even take pictures of multiple pills at once. My Medications (Free, iOS) Developed by the American Medication Association (AMA), this app records allergy and immunization information, stores emergency contacts, and lets you store, carry, and share your medical information and prescription drug details in one safe and secure place. Want to let your doctor or family members help you keep tabs? You can email them a comprehensive report in seconds! Do you have a favorite prescription identification or management application? Let us know, and we’ll share with our audience.    search drugs
Table of Contents

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